Jonathan & Claire

Colourful, relaxed and romantic | 100 guests | ' The Old Gates' ceremony

Jonathan and Claire's day was a family focused affair offering a kaleidoscope of vibrant colors. The day was woven together with an array of unexpected but meticulously crafted details and bespoke elements. Their choice to embrace a circular ceremony setup at 'The Old Gates' introduced a distinctive and deeply personal touch to their wedding day.

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Tom & Madi

Relaxed, joyous and romantic | 100 guests | ' The Old Gates' ceremony

Tom and Madi's joyous May ceremony was held at 'The Old Gates' beneath the sprawling branches of its towering Himalayan Cedar tree. With gently dappled sunlight filtering through space, delicate rose petals carpeted the path leading to a breathtaking arbour adorned with rambling, autumn-toned blossoms.

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Nathan & Rachel

Effortlessly stylish and chic | 147 guests | 'The Pavilion' ceremony

Rachel and Nathan's garden wedding was effortlessly elegant and chic. Amidst ivory blooms and accompanied by a string quartet, they exchanged vows in 'The Pavilion' in front of their family and friends. Amongst an elegant garden party setting, they began the festivities by popping champagne and toasting to their success. Ending their formalities with a surprise fireworks display they hit the dancefloor, celebrating with guests late into the night.

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Ben & Shauna

Ethereal and elegant | 83 guests | 'The Pavilion' ceremony

In the embrace of a misty day and amidst the estate's softened palette, Ben and Shauna's ethereal and elegant autumn wedding took place. Delicate tendrils of fog draped the venue, with an abundance of ivory and white blooms and soft candlelight featuring throughout the ceremony and reception space. A laid-back elegance defined the day, with guests being treated to a surprise fireworks display in the evening as the all-important moment of cutting the cake took place.

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Conrad & Selina

Elegant and sophisticated| 53 guests | 'The Governor's Lawn' ceremony

Every detail of Selina and Conrad's breathtaking celebration was meticulously curated to create a feeling of effortless sophistication. A vision of elegance in her couture gown which was fashioned with intricate lace and delicate beading, Selena chose to say 'I do' in Swarovski crystal adorned Jimmy Choo's.

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Jackson & Jessica

Chic and tranquil | 115 guests | 'The Governor's Lawn' ceremony

A chic and relaxed summer garden wedding Jackson and Jessica created a feel of effortless elegance combining the lush greenery of the summer gardens with soft styling hues. Exchanging vows on Governor's lawn, bathed in dappled sunlight and surrounded by fragrant blossoms, their heartfelt ceremony was celebrated with family and friends from abroad.

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Gianmattia & Daisy

Vogue-esque, romantic and elegant | 39 guests | 'The Old Gates' ceremony

Romantic and vogue-esque, this impeccably styled summer wedding featured an abundance of breathtaking summer florals and Italian-inspired moments. Honouring Gian's Italian heritage was essential to the couple, who included bespoke styling touches. Marrying beneath the shade of the pear trees in the estate and hosting an elegant garden party, including a personalised cocktail bar, the couple festooned their reception space with romantic florals and sheer drapes to create an intimate celebration with family and friends.

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Brad & Kelly

Sophisticated and time-less | 129 guests | 'The Governor's Lawn' ceremony

Brad and Kelly's stunning New Year's Eve celebration featured a relaxed yet elegant garden party with elevated styling choices showcasing the full splendour and beauty of a Summer garden wedding. Enjoying an outside first dance beneath the chandeliers of the pavilion before returning inside to dance the night away, they welcomed the New Year together before departing the estate in a vintage Rolls Royce.

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Luke & Rachel

Fresh, soft and feminine | 70 guests | 'The Governor's Lawn' ceremony

Delightfully romantic, this breathtaking December wedding, with its soft and feminine styling touches, was effortlessly elegant and showcased a touch of youthful whimsy. Rachel and Luke featured crisp whites, french linen, soft pinks and gentle mauve floral highlights to create a fresh and beautiful styling palette.

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Kemal & Lauren

Beautiful and relaxed | 58 guests | 'The Pavilion' ceremony

Warm, earthy styling tones and soft and luxurious touches ensured this November wedding created a beautifully inviting atmosphere for the friends and family of Kemal and Lauren. The estate's Jasmine vine in full cascading bloom and the purple flushes from the towering Jacaranda trees created a stunning backdrop for an evening spent celebrating in the gardens.

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Daniel & Brittany

Chic and ethereal | 98 guests | 'The Pavilion' ceremony

Romantic and chic, this stunning wedding was made all the more enchanting by the moody weather and mist filling the estate. Florals featuring subtle pastel pink and apricot touches complemented Britt's beautiful flower-embellished gown with soft lace sleeves, bodice, and cascading veil. Hosting their reception in the conservatory, they delighted guests with fireworks and a celebratory champagne tower before striking up the band and dancing beneath the chandeliers in the homestead's exquisite ballroom.

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Alex & Dionee

Sophisticated, whimsical and romantic | 88 guests | 'The Governor's Lawn' ceremony

Vibrant and verdant floral flourishes juxtaposed with soft, ethereal floating babies' breath installations created an elevated yet whimsical feel for Alex and Dionee's spring wedding reception. Dionne chose a breathtaking Prea James gown that featured a sculptural fluted skirt shape and an exaggerated puff sleeve in a beautiful burnout organza fabric which she paired with pearl earrings and gold Megan Morimoto heels. Hosting their ceremony at Governor's lawn and concluding their formalities with a first dance outside in 'The Woods, ' their day was the perfect fusion of sophistication and romance with a touch of playful whimsy.

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Joshua & Ashleigh

Timelessly elegant and ethereal | 68 guests | 'The Old Gates' ceremony

Ethereal and decadently romantic was the feel of Ashleigh and Josh's incredible Spring wedding. From the breathtaking floral-laden arbour that framed their ceremony to the impeccably styled reception space with its soft candlelight and bespoke finishing touches, this celebration was deeply special, beautifully lavish and unforgettable.

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Ryan & Kaitie

Classic and elegant | 72 guests | 'The Governor's Lawn' ceremony

Kaitie and Ryan's elegant spring wedding combined classical styling elements with thoughtful, modern touches. A low-set floral display with abundant white roses and rambling foliage defined their ceremony space at the governor's lawn. In contrast, warm candlelight, textured vases and flourishes of white accent florals adorned the reception tables.

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Jake & Brooke

Bridgerton-inspired romance | 68 guests | 'The Old Gates' ceremony

Bridgerton met with fairytale elegance and a touch of Alice In Wonderland for this romantic winter wedding. Brooke and Jake made the most of the beautiful setting at Gabbinbar to bring their wedding vision to life, partnering with the creative team at Made To Match Events. Sixty-eight guests joined them for a beautiful ceremony at The Old Gates which featured a life-size field of daisies to exchange vows amongst. In the Conservatory the ceiling was adorned with an array of bespoke, over-sized lamp shades with brightly coloured pom poms. These paired perfectly with other decor elements such as soft-hued gingham place settings. Once the formalities were complete the bride and groom danced the evening away in the ballroom before stealing a moment together in The Woods for a secrect dance.

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Zach & Katie

Romantic and elegant | 88 guests | 'The Pavilion' ceremony

Zach and Katie's August wedding epitomised winter romance and paired-back elegance. Choosing to host their ceremony in the pavillion, they festooned soft-hued roses from the pillars with a backdrop of sheer ivory drapes and warm candlelight. Champagne towers during the garden party, luxe faux-fur jackets for the bridesmaids, the soft twinkle of fairy lights, and the warmth of fireplaces in the homestead - this wedding showcased all the splendour of a winter wedding at Gabbinabr Homestead.

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Lachlan & Lucy

Modern, romantic and elegant | 75 guests | 'The Governor's Lawn' ceremony

'We wanted to have a modern, romantic and elegant feel to our wedding day. We stuck to a simple colour palette, and it was magical.We wanted everyone to have fun, leaving at the end of the night full of beautiful food, drinks and love.'

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Trent & Paige

Relaxed and Romantic | 86 guests |'The Pavilion' ceremony

When entering their wedding planning process, most couples will start with a handful of agreed-upon 'non-negotiables' for their special day. While these can vary anywhere from specifics around the time of the year to the time of night guests leave the dancefloor, Trent and Paige's absolute 'must haves' were outstanding food, great wine and fantastic service!

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Adam & Stephanie

Garden party soiree | 127 guests | 'The Pavilion' ceremony

With a flawlessly executed proposal, impeccable floral styling, lovely summer garden breezes, and a golden hour portrait session that could easily grace the pages of Vogue, Adam and Stephanie's incredible wedding was, in a word, perfection.

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Samuel & Emilie

Vibrant and Romantic | 124 guests | 'The Pavilion' ceremony

Walking through the estate and gardens together, it wasn't long before Sam and Emilie knew there couldn't be anywhere more spectacular to host family and friends for their wedding day then Gabbinbar Homestead.

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Aaron & Zaika

Understated elegance | 101 guests | 'The Pavilion' ceremony

For high school sweethearts Aaron and Zaika, their loved-up wedding day was all about dancing to the beat of their own drum. From customised guest attire to intimate vows held in a private and secluded location, the couple ensured their day was a celebration as unique as their love.

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Seth & Chloe

Moody and romantic | 79 guests | 'The Old Gates' ceremony

While some couples spend months or maybe even years deciding and deliberating on the finer details for their special day, Chloe and Seth's spectacular winter wedding showed that, in this case, less was more!

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Benjamin & Alana

Elegant and regal | 75 guests | 'The Governor's Lawn' ceremony

Elegant, regal with a touch of 1920' Esq is how you would best describe Benjamin and Alana's incredible garden wedding at Gabbinbar Homestead. Featuring a couture gown designed by talented atelier George Wu and jewel-toned autumn florals adorning the cermeony and reception spaces, this April wedding was filled with incredible bespoke touches including live jazz music and an outdoor dining experience for guests in the magnificent gardens of the estate.

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Rod & Brianna

Elegant ‘old world glamour’ | 64 guests | 'The Pavilion' ceremony

Romantic ‘old world glamour’, with a touch of fun, was how Rod and Brianna described their stunning wedding experience hosted this year in Autumn at Gabbinbar Homestead. Extravagant floral arrangements, designer gowns, customised wedding favours and a fireworks farewell in a vintage 1930’s dodge made this an unforgettable celebration for the couple and guests alike.

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Michael & Andrea

Elegant, romantic and relaxed | 70 guests | 'The Pavilion' ceremony

Romantic, relaxed, elegant and free-spirited was the brief for Andrea and Michael’s captivating summer wedding. Every delicate detail from the soft pink, taupe and ivory florals in the pavilion ceremony to the gentle flickering of candlelight featured in the reception added to the day's overall charm.

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Cameron & Stephanie

Boho and natural | 70 guests | 'The Woods' ceremony

With her boho themed pinterest board brimming with ethereal, earthly and exquisite styling options and teeming with dusty and blush hues, upon arriving at Gabbinbar Homestead, Stephanie instantly knew that ‘The Woods’ was the place she wanted to host her summer wedding ceremony.

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Mitchell & Rosanna

Natural and timeless | 100 guests | 'The Pavilion' ceremony

Making the most of an inviting summer evening Rosie and Mitch's stunning wedding, hosted at Gabbinbar Homestead, featured a heartfelt ceremony and an elegant garden party with guests dining and sipping champagne beneath towering fig trees. With the styling emphahsis creating a timeless and elegant feel Rosie and Mitch's wedding day featured a monochrome palette teemed with an abundance of native florals. Choosing to host their first dance between the twinkling fairy lights and festoon draped trees in 'The Wood's this incredible January wedding capitalised on all the incredible benefits of hosting a summer wedding.

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Fynn & Alexandra

Elegant and boho-luxe | 66 guests | 'The Pavilion' ceremony

From the moment they drove beneath the enchanting canopy of trees along the winding stone driveway of Gabbinbar Homestead, Fynn and Alex knew this was the venue for them. Wanting to host a day that encompassed their faith, memorable because of the significance of the words and commitments vowed, their overall theme was elegant and uncomplicated with elements of ‘boho luxe.’

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Andrea & Ash

Romantic and elegant | 75 guests | 'The Pavilion' Ceremony

Drawn to the enchanting and sprawling gardens of Gabbinbar Homestead Ash and Andrea's romantic spring wedding capitalised on all the beauty and charm of the historic estate, delivering a day brimming with elevated elegance and style.

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Benjamin & Samantha

Sophisticated and romantic | | 59 guests | 'The Pavilion' ceremony

Benjamin and Samantha's captivatingly beautiful wedding set in the gardens of Gabbinbar Homestead was a sophisticated and romantic celebration teeming with elevated styling elements and exceptional attention to detail.

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Anthony & Sally

Relaxed and elegant | 80 guests | 'The Pavilion' ceremony

With the desire to have a 'hopefully relaxed, simple and elegant wedding' with a focus on 'spending as much quality time with family and friends as possible' Sally and Anthony's August wedding at Gabbinbar Homestead was a wonderful celebration brimming with paired back elegance, restrained glamour and beautifully rich winter tones and hues.

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Rhys & Jessica

Relaxed and glamorous | 33 guests | 'The Governor's Lawn' ceremony

Nothing is quite as magical as a winter wedding at Gabbinbar Homestead. Rhys and Jessica discovered this when they invited their nearest and dearest to their celebrations last August. The lush winter gardens provided an enchanting backdrop for their ceremony and photos, bathed in the soft afternoon and evening light that the estate experiences during the cooler months. The Homestead also compliments a winter wedding; offering a warm, charming and inviting space to spend the night's festivities.

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Linlee & Brett

Spring 2019

Fate played a hand in the meeting of Brisbane couple Linlee and Brett Walker when they both moved to a small New South Wales town and met at work back in 2012.After 6 years together, they took their relationship to the next step by purchasing a home. Little did Linlee know that on their moving day, Brett was also planning to take their relationship to another level.

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Benjamin & Philipa

Autumn 2018

Celebrating alongside 148 friends and family, Benjamin and Philippa created a warm, genuine and relaxed wedding at Gabbinbar Homestead. Hosting their ceremony in ‘The Pavilion’ and the reception in the ‘Conservatory’, Benjamin and Philippa’s priority was to create an atmosphere where people could really enjoy themselves while catching up with friends, family and meeting new people.

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James & Brooke

Autumn 2019

James and Brooke envisioned an outdoor wedding and wanted to dine with their loved ones under the stars and the team at Gabbinbar Homestead worked tirelessly to bring their vision to life. It was truly a magical night outside on ‘Dan’s Lawn’ with their nearest and dearest.

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James & Lucinda

Autumn 2019

We love it when DIY forms part of our couple’s day and this wedding was no exception. Lucinda's talented brother has a metal fabrication business in Brisbane, he built the copper rings which adorned The Conservatory ceiling and were festooned with beautiful flowers.

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Nathan & Jess

Autumn 2019

This classic wedding had an elegant and minimalistic theme, with the bridesmaids in white, and the flowers and table settings in green and white, with a hint of pink.

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Eloise & Isaac

Summer 2019

Wedding planning for this couple was somewhat of a breeze because they had already chosen Gabbinbar Homestead as their wedding venue before they got engaged. No other venue compared when Eloise and Isaac considered the service and price.

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Travis & Hannah

Spring 2018

The love story of Travis and Hannah blossomed ten years ago when Hannah was 16 and Travis, 17. They first met at a house party, and with a few stalks on social media later (as you do), Travis and Hannah were soon officially a couple. Fast forward ten years, now with two children plus add in a Christmas proposal to the mix, Travis and Hannah hosted their beautiful Spring time wedding at Gabbinbar Homestead.

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Stuart & Eden

Spring 2018

Stuart and Eden took inspiration from the architecture and garden design of Gabbinbar Homestead for their styling. There was an old world glamorous feeling to their reception with the ‘Conservatory’ filled with candles. Star jasmine ran loosely down the long dining tables as though it had been pulled from the garden and effortlessly styled.

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Murray & Elspeth

Summer 2018

Fun, loving, relaxed and delicious are the four words Murray and Elspeth used to sum up their Summer time wedding at Gabbinbar Homestead. Celebrating with 87 of their closest friends and family, Murray and Elspeth chose ‘The Pavilion’ for their ceremony and a fun-filled reception followed in our ‘Conservatory’ after wards.Fun, loving, relaxed and delicious are the four words Murray and Elspeth used to sum up their Summer time wedding at Gabbinbar Homestead. Celebrating with 87 of their closest friends and family, Murray and Elspeth chose ‘The Pavilion’ for their ceremony and a fun-filled reception followed in our ‘Conservatory’ after wards.

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