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This is the story of Gabbinbar

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Front of Gabbinbar
Established 1863

Immersed in a rich history dating back to 1863, Gabbinbar offers a compelling blend of beauty, legacy, serene gardens, and a hidden magic that permeates the entire estate. In the 19th century, Gabbinbar served as the summer retreat for the Governors of Queensland. Each Governor sought refuge from Brisbane's warmer months, escaping to Gabbinbar with loved ones and friends —to enjoy long, lazy days that merged into star-filled nights filled with laughter and relaxation. It was a place of celebration, and joy, where dining on seasonal fresh produce and enjoying a tipple or two were cherished traditions. It was a time to seek the company of friends, play games in the gardens, and dance until the small hours in the ballroom—celebrating the moments that make life special. Honoring these values of hospitality, warmth, and joie de vivre, we continue the tradition today.


The Circle

With no beginning or end, the circle embodies the symbolism of a wedding band, paying homage to the timeless commitment of marriage, weathering both ups and downs yet remaining enduring. As wedding bands often become family heirlooms, our hope is for Gabbinbar to become part of the rich tapestry of a couple’s love story, an enduring symbol of the beginning.

The thread & needle

To further encapsulate our role, we incorporate the additional symbol of a needle and thread, symbolising our important place in the commencement of every Gabbinbar couple's love story. Our aspiration extends beyond crafting a lasting legacy for them; as we invite the creation of their own enduring imprint, a tale of love intricately stitched into the fabric of Gabbinbar's timeless beauty and history.

Toowoomba Wedding Venue
The Location

On top of the iconic Great Dividing Range you’ll find Gabbinbar. Surrounded by undulating hills and dense native flora the venue is tucked on the edge of Toowoomba on an elevated parcel of land 700 metres above sea level.

For Queenslanders, this region is an escape from the warmer coastal climates offering hinterland beauty and rich heritage. You’ll discover cellar-door tastings, farm-to-table restaurants, wineries and cosy little Airbnbs offering the perfect escape for a destination wedding.

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The Origins of Gabbinbar

Our story begins in 1863 when land was purchased by The Reverend William Lambie Nelson. Reverend Nelson took up pastoral pursuits and in 1876 construction began on the heritage-listed Gabbinbar main house which stands today. Designed by architect Willoughby Powell and constructed by Richard Godsall the residence is a striking example of understated architectural elegance with gothic revival features, high peaked gables and lead-light windows. Originally set on 100 acres, the gardens surrounding the main house were beautifully landscaped with two tree-lined carriageways and manicured gardens.

Bush with red leaves in front of homestead
Gabbinbar gardens

Upon the passing of Rev. Nelson his son Sir Hugh inherited Gabbinbar and the property became host for many social events. Offering an immense ballroom it proved the perfect venue for weddings, parties and Christmas celebrations. From 1893 to 1898 Sir Hugh served at The Governor of Queensland.

After the passing of Sir Hugh, Gabbinbar passed to Duncan Nelson but continued to serve as the summer residence for the Governors of Queensland including Lord Chelmsford and his family.

The property remained in the hands of the Nelson family until it was sold in 1970 to Treveren and Joan Liesegang. When the property changed ownership in 1995 it was unoccupied and fell into a state of disrepair.

In 2000 the property was purchased and restorations began to return the main residence and grounds to its former beauty. In 2012 the venue opened once again to host weddings and events. As the custodians of Gabbinbar, the dedicated team continues the legacy of hospitality, celebration and warmth established over a century ago.

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