The Gabbinbar Team

"Gabbinbar is not just a venue; it is a place where the past seamlessly merges with the present, where rich beauty and heritage meet contemporary service, redefining excellence to pioneer experiences that create unforgettable moments for our guests. At the heart of this ethos is the incredible Gabbinbar team who continue to set new benchmarks for the wedding industry and bring genuine passion and experience to every event."

Rachel Jannusch
Venue Manager
Venue Manager of Gabbinbar
Wedding planning & sales team

Mastering the fine art of planning a wedding to perfection, our wedding planning and sales team consists of a highly skilled and experienced team. Their passion and expertise ensures you can relax knowing every detail has been considered, prepared for and planned.

Head Wedding Planner

Lauren Lucas | Wedding Planning Team Lead

Picture of Tammy Koch

Tammy Koch | Wedding & Event Planner

Ellen Wilson

Ellen Wilson | Wedding & Event Planner

Lucy Ochsner

Lucy Ochsner | Wedding & Event Planner


Anje Luck | Sales Team Lead

Culinary Team

Our culinary team, led by Head Chef Jennifer Blashak, ensures our couples are delighted by the menu they have selected for their wedding. With over twenty years of experience, Jennifer uses her passion and love for food to carefully curate a menu that is innovative and unique to Gabbinbar. Jennifer has created a menu that celebrates the elegance of simplicity, allowing the natural flavours of premium, locally-sourced produce and the freshest ingredients to captivate the palate. The food served at your wedding will create a memorable gastronomic experience that you and your guests will savour.

Head Chef at Gabbinbar

Jennifer Blashak | Head Chef

one of the team here at gabbinbar

Chaminda Morathotage | Sous Chef

Food & Beverage Team

Our food and beverage team offers the highest calibre of staff to attend to your guests’ every need. We’ll be right there to service every whim, with attention to detail and professionalism – the unexpected touches that you and your guests will appreciate.

Tyler Gilmore

Tyler Gilmore | Food & Beverage Manager

Sally Austin

Sally Austin | Food & Beverage Team Lead

Riley Cosgrove

Riley Cosgrove | Food & Beverage

Operations & Gardening Team

Your wedding day will be forever remembered - and our spectacular surroundings are the perfect backdrop for your memories. Lovingly cared for and nurtured by our gardening and operations team, we work with Toowoomba’s climate to ensure year-round splendour. On the day of your wedding our team works hard to ensure our gardens and venue are flawless and perfectly manicured.

Daniel Saal

Daniel Saal | Gardening Team Lead

Ashley Harley

Ashley Harley | Operations Team Lead

Michael Poulson

Michael Poulsen | Set-up Team Lead


Barbara Somervaille | Gardening


Brendan Weier | Gardening


Ben Fraser | Operations

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