Love Stories

close up of the greenery and foliage in the gabbinbar wedding venue gardens

A place where hope-filled promises linger.

Real Love Stories

Here you'll find a small collection of the love stories that have found their beginning at Gabbinbar. Each celebration is unique, a celebrated and special moment in time that will forever be remembered by the couple and their family and friends.

Couple kiss in a striking pose
Couple kiss in a striking pose
James & Marina

Captured through the discerning eye of Bulb Creative, James and Marina's wedding day at The Cedar Lawn was a masterclass in timeless elegance and effortless grace.

Every aspect of their celebration exuded an understated sophistication from the meticulously curated decor to the refined ambiance. Taking advantage of the beautiful winter colours splashed across the estate gardens, James and Marina wandered through the gardens, making their way to the tennis court and The Woods, each adorned with its own distinctive wintry hues. 

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