30 December 2022

Brad + Kelly


Brad and Kelly's New Year's Eve celebration featured a relaxed yet elegant garden party with elevated styling choices showcasing the full splendor and beauty of a Summer garden wedding. Enjoying an outside first dance beneath the chandeliers of the pavilion before returning inside to dance the night away, they welcomed the New Year together before departing the estate in a vintage Rolls Royce. 

The Details

Gabbinbar Homestead in summer
Groom doing up cufflinks
Groom sitting on leather lounge
Groom doing up bowtie
Groom and groomsemn standing together smiling
Wedding shoes, perfume, invitations and earrings
White flowers
Bride and bridesmaids drinking champagne
Bride putting in earring
Bride in wedding dress
Bride holding bouquet
Bride holding bouquet


Outdoor wedding ceremony under tree
Bride and mother of the bride walking down the aisle
Wedding flowers
Boy holding pillow with ring on it
Bride and groom exchanging vows
Bride and groom kissing
Garden party with umbrellas
Pink hydrangea flowers
Bride and groom at wedding with guests
Fountain with agapanthus flowers
Brdie and bridesmaids drinking champagne


Bride and bridesmaids
Bride and bridesmaids in front of flowers
Bride and groom standing in front of white flowers
Bride and groom laughing and embracing
Bride and groom walking holding drinks
Bride and groom embracing
Bride and groom standing in wooden stables
Bride and groom kissing
Bride and groom embracing
Bride and groom sitting by fountain
Bride and groom stading in garden with purple flowers


Wedding reception room with fairylights
Flowers and cutlery on wedding tables
Flowers in vase on wedding table
Flowers mounted on pole in wedding reception
Wedding cake with flowers behind
Guests waving napkins at wedding
Bride and groom sitting amongst guests at wedding
Bride and groom cutting wedding cake
Bride and groom walking past guests with sparklers
Bride and groom dancing
Bride and groom embracing
Bride and groom riding in wedding car
Car driving down driveway with lots of fairylights