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Gabbinbar is a place where stories have been woven for over a century

A place where countless love stories have found their beginning. Each one testament to the enduring power of love. Here you are invited to embark on a journey that will forever be etched in the tapestry of your lives.

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In this quiet corner of the world, there resides a hidden magic

In the nineteenth century, Gabbinbar was the summer residence of the Governors of Queensland. They would gather with loved ones and friends to enjoy long lazy days that merged into star-filled nights alive with laughter and promise celebrating the moments that make life truly special.

Embracing these time-honoured values of hospitality, warmth and joie de vivre we continue the tradition today.

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Toowoomba’s destination wedding venue

Welcome To Gabbinbar

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The team at gabbinbar, like skilled artisans, understand the importance of crafting a wedding day that resonates with your unique love story

Long before enduring commitments are forged, the team at Gabbinbar will stand alongside you, dedicated to intricately weaving your every desire into the fabric of your wedding day. We openly offer our warmth and mastery, crafting a profoundly personalised wedding experience tailored to your distinct vision. With our seasoned touch, every detail and moment is meticulously planned, thoughtfully arranged, and harmoniously orchestrated.

An All-inclusive Package

Craftsmanship lies at the heart of all we do, and Gabbinbar offers a wedding package that accounts for even the smallest of details to deliver an exceptional experience.

Seamlessly blending time-perfected planning, experienced attention to detail, and tailored hospitality, our offering ensures your wedding can unfold with excitement and joy.

The Gabbinbar package is all-inclusive, providing exclusive use of our 13-acre manicured estate and all your wedding day furniture and equipment needs. The food and beverages for your day are taken care of with our four-course menu crafted from the finest ingredients, accompanied by 7.5 hours of sommelier-curated wine and beverages. At the heart of our offering is our bespoke wedding planning and highly trained team, who will ensure you and your guests experience extraordinary, personalised service both leading up to and on your wedding day.

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A beautifully decorated event space with a glass ceiling and large windows, featuring two long banquet tables set with white linens, glasses, and floral centerpieces. Wooden cross-back chairs line the tables, and a chandelier adorned with flowers hangs from above.
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A place where hope-filled promises linger

Real love stories

Here you'll find a small collection of the love stories that have found their beginning at Gabbinbar. Each celebration is unique, a celebrated and special moment in time that will forever be remembered by the couple and their family and friends.

A wedding venue offering rich heritage and beauty

The remarkable beauty of Gabbinbar's grounds span many acres and were established over 150 years ago from seed. The magnificent fig, towering bunya, and stately cedar trees stand proudly over the historic estate, gracefully providing shade and coverage throughout the day⁠. Perfectly manicured lawns, meticulously trimmed hedges, and stunning seasonal blooms, create timeless allure. 

Couples enjoy exclusive access to the grounds and venue, so your wedding day is surrounded by unmatched beauty and tranquillity.

A wooden cabin with a steeply pitched roof is nestled among tall trees and lush greenery. Purple flowers bloom in the foreground, enhancing the idyllic and serene atmosphere of the scene. Sunlight filters through the trees, casting dappled shadows on the ground.
Toowoomba's Destination Wedding Venue

Gabbinbar resides in this beautiful pocket of the Darling Downs region. Toowoomba’s destination wedding venue is just a 90-minute drive from Brisbane and a two hour drive from the Gold Coast. The venue is steeped in history and charm, tucked amongst Toowoomba's stunning greenery in Middle Ridge.

Toowoomba offers couples and their wedding guests a unique blend of culture, nature, and culinary delight. It's a destination guests find genuinely special.

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Our team are delighted to invite you to visit Gabbinbar to discuss your wedding plans in more detail. Viewing appointments offer a tour of our venue but also an opportunity for an in-depth discussion about your unique wedding vision.

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