Winter Weddings

Winter's beauty enchants - the perfect setting in the cooler months.

In the embrace of nature.

A black and white photo shows a couple sharing a romantic kiss outdoors on their wedding day. The bride, in a lacy dress and floral headpiece, and the groom, in a dark suit and bow tie, stand under a floral arch decorated with various blooms.
A charming, large house with a purple roof and cream-colored walls is nestled among lush greenery and tall trees. The front lawn is meticulously maintained, and a fountain adds elegance to the serene setting. Shadows from the trees cast a calming ambience over the scene.
A Spectacular Setting

Gabbinbar plays host to many beautiful winter weddings and the stunning homestead is the perfect setting for the cooler months. You and your guests will be kept cosy and warm with roaring fireplaces, central heating in the homestead, our toasty fire pits in the gardens and additional garden heating. Temperatures during the winter months are very comfortable, ranging between the mid-teens to low twenties. Toowoomba experiences very little rain during the winter season and light breezes making these months the perfect time for a wedding.

Captivating Seasonal Imagery

The enchanting scenery of our breathtaking winter estate offers an abundance of idyllic settings for your wedding moments.

At Gabbinbar, the grounds transform in a winter, equally resplendent as in any other season. In June and July, pristine white camellias grace the landscape, accompanied by a rich tapestry of pink and red blooms. The gardens come alive with vivid splashes of orange and red torch lilies, adding warmth to the crisp air. Near the fountain, our pink-hued winter magnolias unfurl their delicate petals, while the estate's deciduous trees display a mesmerizing palette of vibrant reds and burnt oranges.

A bride in a white wedding dress and veil sits smiling in front of a fountain with water arcs. She holds a bouquet of flowers and looks joyful. The scene is captured in black and white, with a garden setting in the background.
The Perfect Winter Wedding Region

Nestled in the heart of Queensland, the Toowoomba region emerges as a captivating winter wedding destination, exuding charm and elegance.

Toowoomba, transforms during the winter months and the region's cool climate and serene atmosphere create a perfect backdrop for your wedding. As the air turns crisp, the landscape is adorned with a kaleidoscope of seasonal blooms. Winter gardens burst into life with vibrant camellias, torch lilies, and magnolias, their colours adding warmth and romance to the scene. The majestic deciduous trees, with their leaves ablaze in shades of red and burnt orange, frame the region with natural beauty.

Every corner of Toowoomba offers a unique setting for unforgettable wedding moments, ensuring your special day is enveloped in the enchanting allure of winter.

Close-up of autumn leaves on a tree. The foliage shows a mix of green and orange colors, indicating the change of seasons. The background is out of focus, creating a bokeh effect with light and shadows.
Seasonal Menu & Beverage Options

Your winter wedding menu and beverage options are a harmonious blend of seasonal warmth and flavours, designed to delight you and your guests. Each dish is thoughtfully crafted to reflect the elegance of the season, offering a culinary experience that captivates the senses. Our expertly curated beverages complement your winter menu, inviting guests to indulge in the rich, comforting essence of winter. Together, they create a dining experience that perfectly mirrors the magic of your winter wedding, ensuring every moment is as memorable as the season itself.

A person dressed in a black outfit holds a wooden tray with several golden-brown, fried appetizers garnished with some greens. They are dipping one of the appetizers into a red sauce. In their other hand, they hold a glass of champagne.
A plate of surf and turf featuring a juicy steak, two grilled shrimp atop roasted potatoes, and a side of broccolini. A small white pitcher containing a creamy sauce is on the plate as well. The background shows a blurred table setting.

No matter the season you choose for your wedding, Gabbinbar remains beautiful throughout the year. If you decide on a winter wedding, you can be assured that the venue is perfectly suited.

Embrace the enchanting interplay between the warm, inviting interiors and the crisp winter climate outdoors. In the winter months, the main house is enveloped by breathtaking natural beauty; serene gardens adorned with winter blooms create peaceful, unique corners, each exuding its own quiet magic. The verandah and its surroundings offer a sophisticated and warm space to relax during your garden party, engage with guests, and enjoy a celebratory drink. As you move indoors for your reception, witness the hues of a winter sunset as the night garden lights begin to twinkle.

Gabbinbar masterfully combines the splendor of its seasonal gardens with the warmth of its inviting interiors, ensuring comfort, serenity, and joy. This harmonious blend guarantees that your winter wedding will be an unforgettable experience for all who attend.

Two women in white dresses and pink fur coats smile while one holds a small, curly-haired dog. They are standing on a gravel path surrounded by trees with string lights in the background, creating a warm and intimate setting.

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