The Grounds

A spectacular backdrop for your memories

A vibrant tapestry of nature's artistry

Your wedding day will be forever remembered - and the Gabbinbar grounds are an unforgettable backdrop. Meticulously manicured and adorned with a kaleidoscope of seasonal blooms, the venue's garden invites guests to immerse themselves in a realm of tranquility and botanical wonder.

Vibrant hues pair with a lush emerald tapestry, stunning seasonal colours and considered textures. Our gardens merge history with the ephemeral - ancient trees meet meticulously manicured lawns and hedges, and a palette of ever-changing seasonal colours.

Fountain in the gardens of Gabbinbar
Couple kiss in front of star jasmine vine
Garden Party

Invite your guests to enjoy our gardens, with beautiful blooms, fresh scents of greenery and the open air - it is the perfect way to spend an afternoon.

After your ceremony, the garden party commences where you and your guests can revel in the joy of the occasion. Complete with your choice of food and libations served from our menu, chic furniture, and garden games. Pass the time playing on our chessboard, enjoy a friendly game of croquet or tennis - there is no shortage of places to discover. Guests are also welcome to enjoy the historic gardens while our waiters serve food and drinks wherever they roam.

Couple celebrate in the garden party
Graden party image in black and white
Bride walking with bouquet
Couple pose near the Gabbinbar fountain

The magnificent gardens of Gabbinbar provide a beautiful backdrop to capture your wedding day, no matter the season. Lush greenery, manicured lawns, and stately mature trees offer evergreen elegance, while an ever-changing palette of blooming florals creates a vibrant setting. Lavish spring blossoms give way to summer's lush beauty and autumn's warm, cosy hues, before winter's crystalline grandeur arrives.

Spanning thirteen acres, the gardens offer ample space to discover secluded spots ideal for creating beautiful and unique memories.

Couple pose on the driveway
Night Garden

Gabbinbar's gardens transform upon nightfall into an enchanting realm of ethereal beauty. Each corner is adorned with the gentle glow of lights, casting a soft, iridescent radiance upon the venue.

The verdant foliage is delicately uplit, fairy lights and festoons weave through tree branches and glowing lanterns sway gently, creating a warm luminescence to the night air. Here, amidst the delicate lights, couples can choose to take their first dance or capture stunning photos that will be a lasting testament to the beauty of their day.  

Gabbinbar gardens at Night
The entrance to Gabbinbar at night
Couple twirl in the night gardens of gabbinbar
Couple dance in the woods

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