06 January 2023

Gianmattia + Daisy


Romantic and vogue-esque, this impeccably styled summer wedding featured an abundance of breathtaking summer florals and Italian-inspired moments. Honouring Gian's Italian heritage was essential to the couple, who included bespoke styling touches. Marrying beneath the shade of the pear trees on Cedar Lawn and hosting an elegant garden party, including a personalised cocktail bar, the couple festooned their reception space with romantic florals and sheer drapes to create an intimate celebration with family and friends. 

The Details

Groom bow tie, cologne, cufflinks and watch
Groom in wedding suit
Groom buttoning up jacket
Groomsmen helping groom get dressed
Groom and family toasting wine
Groom and mother of groom holding wine
Wedding dress hanging on mirror
Wedding shoes sitting on chair
Bride wearing bracelet and holding wedding dress
Bride wearing bracelet and wedding ring
Bride and bridesmaid holding champagne glass
Bride putting earrings in
Bride wearing wedding dress with bow
Bride putting earrings in


Wedding ceremony under trees
Wooden fan on chair
Roses and daisies at wedding
Linen wedding sign
Wedding chairs with flowers by side
Pears and flowers
an outdoor wedding ceremony at gabbinbar
Bride and groom walking down the aisle
Bride and groom kissing
Cocktail bar with sparkling water
Cocktail menu on line flag
Sparkling water next to flowers
Cocktails on a bar
flwoers on top of bar with lemons
Outdoor garden party with chairs and umbrellas


Bride and groom embracing
Bride and groom kissing in car
Bride and groom walking down driveway
Bride and bridesmaid
Bride and bridesmaid
Bride holding bouquet
Bride and groom walking along holding hands
Bride and groom holding hands
Bride and groom kissing in room with hanging flowers
Bride and groom kissing in room with draping linen


Wedding reception flowers and white draping linen
Limoncello bottles wedding favours
wedding setting with white linen napkins
Wedding favors in wooden box
Wedding flowers on the table
Wedding reception with hanging flowers
Wedding table with pears and flowers on it
Wedding reception table
Bride and groom tasting
Bride and groom giving speech
Bride and groom dancing
Bride and groom dancing
Bride and groom driving down the driveway