26 March 2022

Trent + Paige


When entering their wedding planning process, most couples will start with a handful of agreed-upon 'non-negotiables' for their special day. While these can vary anywhere from specifics around the time of the year to the time of night guests leave the dancefloor, Trent and Paige's absolute 'must haves' were outstanding food, great wine and exceptional service! 

The Details

Mens shoes, belt, watch and cologne
Groom suit jacket hanging on mantlepiece
Groom cufflinks and card
Groom looking at watch
Groomsman helping groom with cufflinks
Groom putting on suit jacket
Groom sitiing in leather chair
Groom standing in doorway
Groom and groomsman sitting on chair
Groom and groomsman standing together
Groom and groomsman drinking juice
Bride shoes and veil and flowers
Wedding dress with lace
Bride drinking champagne
Wedding earrings and handkerchief
Bride and bridesmaids drinking champagne
Bride and bridesmaids sitting together
Bridesmaid doing up bride's wedding dress
Bride and bridesmaid hugging
Bridesmaids helping bride get dressed
Bride puting her earrings in
Bride holding bouquet
Bride sitting on chaise


Wedding pavilion
Old School house with purple flowering tree
Old School House
Wedding flowers
Wedding sign
Wedding ceremony with white chairs and arbour
Flower girls walking down the aisle
Bride and father of bride walking down the aisle
Brirde and groom exchanging vows
Bride and groom holding hands
Bride and groom kissing
Bride and groom walking down the aisle
Bride and groom walking and kissing
Waitstaff holding trays of drinks
Bride and groom laughing and walking


Bride and groom standing on driveway
Bride and groom hugging
Bride and groom kissing
Bride and groom kissing
Bride standing in driveway with bridesmaids
Bride and groom hugging
Wedding party walking down the driveway
Bride and groom walking along arm in arm
Bride and groom embracing
Bride and groom standing under tree with lanterns
Bride and groom embracing
Groom carrying bride down driveway


Wedding reception with fairylights
Wedding menu
Wedding reception with greenery garlands and candles
Tower of champagne coupes
Bride and groom dancing in ballroom
Bride and groom with champagne tower
Bride and groom dancing in ballroom