05 April 2022

Danielle + Ashleigh


Ashleigh and Danielle's impeccably styled winter wedding was a celebration of vibrant splashes of pink and red, creating a breathtaking contrast against the crisp winter backdrop. With their beloved Cavoodle, Ruby, adding a touch of charm, the couple's special day was nothing short of magical. The Pavilion provided an enchanting setting, where the couple exchanged vows amidst lush greenery adorned with bold florals. 

The Details

A group of six women, seen from behind, stand arm-in-arm in front of a window. The second woman from the left wears a sheer white robe, while the others wear matching white pajamas with titles like "Maid of Honor" and "Bridesmaid" written on the back.
Close-up of a textured bridal gown with layers of white fabric and a sheer veil. Blush-colored flowers in soft focus are in the foreground, creating a romantic and elegant atmosphere.
A bride, wearing a white wedding dress, stands with five bridesmaids dressed in white robes and pajamas in front of a building with large, decorative windows. A small, fluffy dog stands in front of them on the brick pathway.
A close-up of a bouquet with blush and ivory flowers, including roses and orchids, in a vase on a round table. Beside the vase are wedding rings in a black box, a perfume bottle, a card, and various small, decorative items.
A small brown curly-haired dog sits on an elegant, vintage chair. The dog wears a light pink shirt, and beside it is a gold cushion and a white leash with a bow. The background shows part of a mirror and a draped white fabric.
Black and white image of a woman with long blonde hair, wearing a shirt and shorts, kneeling and smiling as she interacts with a small dog on its hind legs. The dog is dressed in a cute outfit. Other people, dressed casually, are partially visible in the background.
A man in a suit and tie stands in a room looking emotionally at a woman in a white dress with her back to the camera. The woman appears to be a bride, with long, wavy blonde hair and a bouquet. The room is decorated simply with light colors.
A woman with wavy blonde hair is sitting while someone styles her hair, adding a floral hair accessory. She is holding a small, curly-haired dog wearing a pink sweater on her lap. The background features a blurred living room setting with a sofa and pillows.
A woman with blonde hair sits in a chair wearing a white outfit and a sheer, patterned cover-up. She is smiling with her eyes closed as another individual, whose arm is visible, applies makeup on her face with a brush. The setting appears to be by a window.
A bride in a white lace wedding gown, with a headpiece adorning her wavy blonde hair, stands with an older woman who is assisting her with the dress. They are in a room with mirrors and light-colored walls. The atmosphere appears calm and focused.
A bride in a white, textured wedding dress and short blonde hair smiles joyfully, standing indoors. A woman in a dark dress stands behind her, partially visible. The room features ornate wooden doors with intricate designs on the glass panels.
A bride in a white, textured gown holding a large bouquet of pale pink flowers stands near a wooden door. The light from outside softly illuminates her face and dress, highlighting the intricate details of the fabric and the flow of her veil down her back.
A bride in a white wedding dress holding a bouquet walks down a garden path with a man in a dark suit. They are surrounded by lush green hedges and trees, creating a serene and picturesque setting. Both are smiling and appear to be enjoying the moment.
A bride, dressed in a white lace wedding gown and holding a bouquet of flowers, walks arm-in-arm with a man in a black suit and tie with a boutonniere. They are walking down a garden path with lush green hedges and trees in the background.
Two brides stand facing each other, holding hands under a floral arch adorned with white and red flowers. A celebrant in a blue dress stands between them, speaking into a microphone. Guests are seated on either side in a stylish, chandelier-lit venue.
Two brides in white dresses kiss at the end of the aisle in a light-filled room as guests look on and smile. Both brides hold large bouquets of pink and white flowers. Flower petals float in the air above them. The room is decorated with chandeliers and white chairs.

The Portraits

Two smiling women in fur coats are pouring champagne into a tower of glasses outdoors. A stone fountain and greenery are visible in the background. One woman has platinum blonde hair and is pouring champagne on the left, while the other woman is pouring on the right.
A bride in a white dress, holding white flowers, stands on a gravel path surrounded by five bridesmaids in black dresses, also holding white bouquets. They are outdoors with trees and string lights in the background, all smiling and posing for the photo.
Two women in formal dresses and pink faux fur jackets smiling together outdoors, holding a small brown fluffy dog. One woman has a jeweled headband and is kissing the dog. Trees and string lights are visible in the background.
A group of six women wearing black dresses and holding white and pink bouquets smile and pose together in an outdoor setting. Two women in the middle wear white dresses, likely brides. String lights are visible in the background amidst trees, creating a festive atmosphere.