01 November 2019

Stephen + Tshinta


Relaxed, elegant, and romantic. Thsinta opted for soft, tousled waves in her hair, gently pinned back with floral accents. Her minimalistic yet elegant floor-length gown was beautifully juxtaposed with ivory leather boots and bohemian-inspired florals. Immersing themselves in the enchantment of the early November evening, they held their first dance outdoors amidst the towering bunya and hoop pines of The Woods. Hand in hand, they ended the evening strolling along the Gabbinbar driveway, surrounded by a cascade of fireworks.

The Details

A person in a white dress is holding a large bouquet filled with pale pink roses, white flowers, and dark green foliage. The bouquet also includes dried brown ferns and leafy branches, creating a mix of soft and earthy tones.
A bride with long, wavy brown hair adorned with a floral headpiece looks to the side. She is dressed in a simple white gown and holds a bouquet featuring white and brown flowers. The background is a blurred outdoor scene with greenery.
A bride in a white dress and veil walks down a wooded outdoor aisle, holding a large flower bouquet and accompanied by an older man in a grey suit with a blue shirt and orange tie. Guests in colorful attire stand on either side observing the scene.


A group of four groomsmen stand in a line outdoors, all dressed in white shirts, black suspenders, and white pants. They look relaxed and happy. Tall trees are visible in the background, providing a natural and serene setting.
A couple stands holding hands during their outdoor wedding ceremony in a wooded area. The bride, in a white dress and floral headpiece, faces the groom in light-colored attire. Bridesmaids, a flower girl, and a groomsman look on. The officiant stands between the couple.
A newlywed couple shares an intimate dance in a forest. The bride, wearing a flower crown and dress, and the groom, in suspenders, gaze at each other lovingly. Bridesmaids with bouquets stand in the background, smiling. String lights hang above. Black and white.
A joyful bride and groom walk hand-in-hand down an outdoor aisle, surrounded by smiling wedding guests in a forest setting. The bride holds a bouquet, and they both wear shades of white and beige. Flower girls stand nearby, holding small bouquets.
A black-and-white photo of a joyful bride and groom dancing. The groom, wearing suspenders, dips the bride, who is in a long, elegant dress and holding a bouquet of flowers. They are surrounded by tall trees and a decorative floral arrangement.


A bride and groom kiss while holding hands, surrounded by their joyful wedding party outdoors. The groom wears a white shirt with suspenders and light-colored pants; the bride wears a white dress. The bridesmaids wear black and orange dresses, and the groomsmen are in white shirts with suspenders.
A black-and-white photo captures a joyful bridal party celebration. The bride and groom stand in the center, surrounded by bridesmaids and groomsmen, all cheering and holding bouquets. Confetti fills the air as everyone smiles and laughs. Trees form the background.
A joyful wedding party celebrates outdoors. The groom in a white shirt and beige pants pops a champagne bottle, spraying it into the air while the bride in a white dress holds a bouquet. Bridesmaids in pastel dresses and groomsmen in similar outfits cheer around them.
A bride and groom share a kiss outdoors, with the bride holding a large bouquet of pink roses, ferns, and other flowers. The bride wears a white dress and a floral headpiece, and the groom is dressed in a white shirt with suspenders. Green foliage backgrounds the scene.
A black-and-white photo of a newlywed couple standing close, forehead to forehead, both smiling. The groom wears suspenders and a white shirt, holding a bouquet over his shoulder. The bride, adorned with a floral headpiece, has her arms around his neck.
A joyful couple is outdoors, with the woman playfully piggybacking on the man. She is laughing, and they both look happy and carefree. The man is wearing suspenders and white pants, while the woman is in a white dress. Trees and grassy ground are in the background.
A couple shares a close, affectionate moment outdoors. The woman, with long hair and wearing a sleeveless dress, touches the face of the man, who is dressed in a white shirt and suspenders. They appear happy and intimate, standing amidst nature. Black and white photo.
A black-and-white photo shows a couple embracing outdoors. The woman, smiling with her eyes closed, rests her head on the man's shoulder. The man, facing away from the camera, wears a white shirt with suspenders. The background is blurred trees and open sky.
A couple dressed in white embraces closely in an outdoor setting with barren trees in the background. The woman has long, wavy hair, and the man wears suspenders. They share an intimate moment with closed eyes, their faces gently touching.


A newly married couple shares a kiss in an elegant, softly lit room. They are surrounded by floral arrangements and delicate lights, standing in front of large windows with intricate designs. The bride wears a long white dress, and the groom is in light attire.
A couple shares a romantic dance under string lights at night during an outdoor event. The man is dressed in light-colored clothes with suspenders, and the woman is wearing a white dress. A crowd of onlookers stands in the background, watching and celebrating.
Black and white photo of people dancing and laughing at an outdoor event. String lights are hanging overhead. A man with a beard, a woman with long hair, and a man wearing suspenders are in the foreground, joyfully holding hands and smiling.
A couple walks hand in hand on a gravel path at night, dressed in white. The woman wears a sleeveless dress, and the man wears a shirt with suspenders. They lean towards each other, touching foreheads. Fireworks light the path, creating a festive atmosphere.
A couple dressed in formal attire joyfully laughs while holding hands and walking through a path lined with sparkling fireworks at night. The woman wears a gown and the man is in a shirt and suspenders. The background is dark, enhancing the bright fireworks' display.