27 June 2019

3 Unexpected Wedding Food Ideas

Of course, when you are planning your wedding you want it to be as unique as possible. We find our couples are always looking for ways to inject their personality into their special day, provide moments that will surprise their guests and most importantly make their wedding day feel like the couple they are. Some couples do this with styles such as the florals you choose or the bridesmaid dresses and groomsmen suits. But, have you thought about surprising your guests with out-of-this-world food ideas? Here are 3 wedding food ideas that will leave your guests gob-smacked.

A decorative board with rows of assorted donuts neatly placed on pegs, including glazed, chocolate, and pink-striped varieties. The board is embellished with a floral arrangement of pink, white, and purple flowers, along with green foliage on the top right corner.


Our donut wall looks a real treat and adds a new dimension and feature to your styling. Your guests will be impressed when they see the selection of delicious donuts hanging on the timber board. You can also add the donut wall to your wedding reception menu as a sweet snack after main is served. After the formalities are over, the donut wall is a great option where your guests can simply help themselves in between dancing and mingling. It’s the perfect snack to satisfy your guest’s sweet tooth without cutting into the all-important dancing time.

A decorative display of donuts. On a glass cake stand, an assortment of donuts with chocolate, powdered sugar, and pink glaze are arranged. In the background, there are various glazed and chocolate-topped donuts hanging on a white wall. A pink flower lies on the table.
A donut wall displays an assortment of donuts in three different varieties: plain, chocolate, and pink with white icing stripes. The wall is adorned with a bouquet of red, white, and pink flowers in the top right corner.


You will love the look on your guests’ faces when our vintage ice cream trike rolls onto the luscious green lawns of Gabbinbar Homestead. Stocked to the brim with burnt fig ice cream, vanilla-bean ice cream and raspberry sorbet, these ice creams are served to your guests in waffle cones or cups complete with a delicious range of toppings.

A table set up for an ice cream sundae bar with waffle cones, chocolate and rainbow sprinkles, candy pieces, and other toppings in bowls. A bouquet of flowers is partially visible in the background.


Our live cooking menu creates a collaborative atmosphere, will satisfy the ‘ultimate foodie’ and gets your guests mixing and mingling in no time. Taking pride of place on our rolling green lawns in front of Gabbinbar Homestead, our live cooking stations certainly bring the wow factor with an impressive white umbrella combined with a white picket fence. We set the scene, so guests can engage with our chef, learn more about the food which is being prepared and most importantly, taste flavours from around the world.

A quaint outdoor setup with a large white umbrella shading a rustic bar enclosed by a white picket fence. The bar is surrounded by lush greenery and tall trees, with a traditional-style house visible in the background.
A chef in a white uniform and striped apron is smiling while cooking on a large outdoor grill. He is under a white umbrella and is surrounded by lush greenery and a garden setting. Various dishes can be seen on the grill and on serving trays nearby.
A chef wearing a white uniform and striped apron is grilling food on an outdoor flat-top grill. The chef is using tongs to flip the food. In the foreground, there is a chafing dish filled with cooked meat. The background features green grass and trees.
A chef in a white uniform and striped apron is grilling meat on a large outdoor grill. He is surrounded by lush greenery and trees in a garden setting. The chef is focused on turning the meat with tongs.