04 June 2019

3 Wedding Day Floral Installations That Bring The Wow-factor

Nothing brings the wow factor to your wedding day than a killer floral installation as a back drop. Once upon a time this would have consisted of a wooden arbour delicately decorated with pretty florals. Don’t get us wrong we love the classic wooden arbour look but these days our talented florists are pushing floral installations to a whole new level and we are loving it! Here are 3 floral installations which will leave you speechless.

A beautifully decorated indoor wedding venue features a high glass ceiling adorned with strings of fairy lights. Elegant wooden tables are arranged in rows, each decorated with white flowers and greenery. A large, floral chandelier hangs centrally, creating a focal point.


We love how this floral installation makes the most of the natural structures already found in our ‘Old Gates’ ceremony location. Florists these days are pretty resourceful and can find a way to attach flowers to almost every surface. The natural toned flowers creeping up the giant tree looks effortlessly styled, leaving you with a relaxed yet elegant themed ceremony location. What do you think?

An outdoor wedding setup in a lush green garden with rows of wooden chairs arranged on the grass. Twinkling string lights are draped around a tree, and the sun is setting in the background, casting a warm glow through the trees creating a serene atmosphere.
A serene outdoor wedding setup with rows of wooden chairs arranged on a green lawn facing an aisle, adorned with floral decorations. String lights are hanging from trees in the background, creating a warm, inviting atmosphere in a lush garden setting.
A tall tree in a garden has its trunk adorned with an arrangement of blooming flowers, adding vibrant colors to the natural setting. Bushes and other trees surround the area, with sunlight filtering through the leaves.
A rustic wooden fence adorned with lush green foliage and flowers, set against a grassy outdoor backdrop. The fence appears weathered, adding to the natural, earthy charm of the scene, which could be part of an outdoor event or wedding setup.
A large tree trunk is adorned with a beautiful arrangement of flowers and greenery. The display features various types of flowers in shades of pink, white, and green, with lush foliage cascading down the trunk and blooming at the base. The background is filled with trees and greenery.


For those couples who are pushing a guest list on the larger side of life, space can be somewhat of an issue when it comes to your reception. However, this doesn’t mean you need to forgo a floral installation, after all no couple should be denied flowers on their wedding day. All you need to do is lift it up baby! Our ‘Conservatory’ which is our most popular reception area has multiple points on the ceiling where your florist can suspend floral arrangements. Here’s an example of how some simple greenery suspended from the ceiling brings a whole new dimension to your styling.

Elegant greenhouse wedding setup with large glass windows and ceiling, natural light, and greenery decorating the space. Circular tables with white tablecloths and green foliage centerpieces fill the room. Suspended floral arrangements add a touch of nature.
A couple dressed in wedding attire shares a kiss in a beautifully decorated, sunlit conservatory. The room features elegant chandeliers adorned with lush green foliage and long banquet tables set for a reception, positioned beneath a glass roof.


If you want to create a room which oozes romance and a place where your guests feel warm and welcome than combining light with a floral installation is a must. We love how this couple used both fairy lights and festoon lighting throughout our ‘Conservatory’ to create a soft ambient light. By adding the suspended floral arrangement and softly draping the fairy lights, this clever couple have lowered the ceiling height to create an intimate and inviting reception location.

A festive banquet hall decorated with lush greenery and hanging string lights adorned with Edison bulbs. The tables are set with white plates, glasses, and floral centerpieces. White chairs surround the tables, and a chandelier hangs above the setup.
Elegant event setup featuring long tables adorned with white tablecloths, green and white floral centerpieces, and softly lit candles. The background showcases twinkling string lights and additional hanging greenery, creating a romantic ambiance.
A beautifully decorated wedding reception with white tables and chairs, adorned with greenery, flowers, and hanging lights. The setting is bright with large windows and a glass ceiling, allowing natural light to fill the room.
A bright and elegant wedding reception venue with glass ceilings and walls, adorned with strings of fairy lights and hanging greenery. The space is filled with white chairs and tables decorated with floral centerpieces, creating a romantic and sophisticated atmosphere.