09 April 2019

How To Dress Your Furry Friend On Your Wedding Day

We all know that your four-legged furry friend is one of the VIPs on your wedding guest list so, they need to look the part. Paw-rents this one is for you, here are some ideas to style your pooch on your wedding day – be warned they are pretty cute and may just steal the show (but only for a little bit).

Let’s be honest everyone loves some floral goodness and we can’t get enough of our cute furry friends so, combine the two and you get the most adorable result. There are so many options when it comes to styling your pooch with beautiful florals, just think a halo of flowers on their head or what about a floral collar? Oh so dapper!

Now if your beloved pooch wants to show his masculine side then you can’t go past a bow tie and hat combo. He will fit right in with all the other stylish guests and really look the part. Not to mention if your dog is starring in your bridal party, a bow tie and hat are the perfect accessories.

This option is for all those stylish ladies of the dog world who may just be an aspiring bridesmaid. A little bow headband combined with a pearl embellished collar provides the perfect amount of sparkle and a sure bet to get some oohing and ahhing when your pooch walks down the aisle.

Here at Gabbinbar Homestead we realise that some of your nearest and dearest who you’d like to join you on your wedding day actually have fur and four-legs, your pets are of course all welcome at the Gabbinbar Homestead estate.

As a dog-lover, we understand that you would want your beloved pet to witness your commitment or maybe even participate in the ceremony. And the best part is our wedding planning team are here to help. Just as the bride has a maid of honour, the groom has a best man, your dog needs the same kind of backup if they’re going to be part of the big day. We even fully cater food for your pooch with puppucinos, puppy friendly brownie biscuits and premium steaks. Gabbinbar Homestead can also assist with finding a sitter for your dog so once you’ve finished having photos with your furry friend, they will be in safe hands whilst you are mingling with guests. We will take care of every last detail so that your best friend can be part of your wedding day.