18 December 2018

2 minute read

5 Top Wedding Photo Locations At Gabbinbar

It goes without saying that Gabbinbar is renowned for our selection of photo locations across the estate. In fact, we have over 100 different photo locations on the estate. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a simple and elegant backdrop for your photos or something more rustic, we’re sure you’ll find a spot which you’ll simply fall in love with. It’s been difficult but we’ve managed to narrow down our top 5 favourite photo locations found across the Gabbinbar estate.

A couple dressed in wedding attire stand close to each other beside a wooden building. The bride, in a long white gown with a train and holding a bouquet, smiles at the groom in a light-colored jacket and dark pants. They appear happy and serene.


Simple, rustic and oozing with charm. The ‘Old School House’ is nestled just beside the main homestead so it’s literally a minute’s walk from all of our ceremony locations. We love the ‘Old School House’ because you get the best of both worlds. Its brown rustic exterior is perfect if you would like an earthy, country feel to your photos. Or step inside for a photo which is slightly more elegant and formal. The wooden floorboards combined with the classic chandelier give your photos a completely different look.


With the exterior covered in a sea of green and white jasmine vines, the stables is always a popular choice by many newlyweds. We have left the stables just as we found it to preserve the history of the estate. Inside the stables is the perfect photo location if you are blessed with rain on your wedding day. You will still get the opportunity for some breathtaking photos whilst staying warm and dry. Plus, head out at night after your reception to get some intimate shots underneath the pendant lights in the back corner of the stables.

Six men dressed in light-colored jackets, white shirts, dark pants, and brown shoes stand side-by-side in front of a rustic, open barn door. They are smiling and have boutonnières on their jackets. The barn has wooden walls with a corrugated metal roof.
A bride and groom stand with their wedding party in front of a lush ivy-covered building. The group, dressed in elegant black attire with the bride in a white gown and veil, holds flower bouquets. The scene is surrounded by greenery, creating a serene backdrop.


Located in the prime position on our front lawn, the magnolia tree is hard to walk past. The permanent lanterns hanging from the branches provide that subtle ambient light and the green leaves really make the light tones of your wedding dress pop. In the late-spring and summer wedding month this beautful tree's magnifcent flowers are in bloom.

A bride and groom embrace under a large tree adorned with hanging lanterns at night. The scene is romantically lit, highlighting the couple and casting gentle shadows on the ground. The background features softly illuminated trees and foliage.
Hanging lanterns emit a soft glow among the lush green leaves of a tree, creating a warm and inviting ambiance in a natural outdoor setting. The scene exudes a peaceful and magical atmosphere.


At many wedding venues, the driveway is purely for practical purposes but at Gabbinbar Homestead it’s a whole different story. Our driveway is one of our most popular photo locations. The light tones of the granite surface mixed with the rich green tones of the greenery lining the entire driveway make for a show-stopping photo. If you're having a spring wedding, you'll love how the entire driveway is lined with orange blooms due to our magnificent clivia's blooming.

A couple walks hand-in-hand in front of a fountain surrounded by greenery. The woman is in a white gown holding a bouquet, while the man wears a black suit. Both look at each other lovingly. The setting appears to be an outdoor garden.


‘The Woods’ can either be used as a ceremony location or a photo location or why not both? The tall trees make you feel a million miles away, just look at the photos below, you would never guess you are 10 minutes outside Toowoomba. Again, with most of our photo locations this spot isn’t limited to just day time shots. The festoon lights strung between the trees makes for the perfect night time shot, we’ve even had couples enjoy their first dance in ‘The Woods’.

A bride and groom share a romantic embrace outdoors in a forested area. The couple stands on a circular path, framed by tree trunks, beneath string lights that hang above them, creating a magical atmosphere. The bride wears a flowing wedding dress, and the groom is in a suit.