How Much Does A Wedding Cake Cost In Australia in 2023?

A helpful guide for understanding the cost of creating your dream wedding cake in 2023

Choosing the perfect wedding cake involves considering size, design, and flavours that suit your celebration and vison for your special day. Collaborate with a skilled cake artisan for creative ideas. To budget wisely consider factoring in cake size, complexity, and decorative elements. Strike the right balance to enjoy a delicious and visually stunning cake that fits your wedding budget.

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Best hens night ideas Brisbane

Planning a hen's night party in Brisbane? We've curated a list of the best experiences Brisbane has to offer and tips on how to ensure it is unforgettable.

From cocktail-making classes to spa days and from dance classes to wine-tasting tours, hen's parties come in all shapes and sizes. With so many options, planning the perfect hen's party can at first feel overwhelming. In this blog post, we'll share some ideas and tips along with the top hen's night party ideas in Brisbane to help you plan an unforgettable hen's party that the bride-to-be and her guests will cherish for years to come.

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Accommodation in Toowoomba

Toowoomba has a vast range of accommodation options on offer. We’ve got some fabulous Airbnbs and beautiful hotels that will make you and your guests feel right at home.

Toowoomba has a vast range of accommodation options on offer. We’ve got some fabulous Airbnbs and beautiful hotels that will make you and your guests feel right at home.

All of the options recommended offer small touches that will be appreciated such as roaring fireplaces, inviting spaces to gather and luxurious finishes.

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Helpful writing tips and bride speech examples for your wedding day

Settle the nerves around writing and delivering your wedding day speech with these easy-to-follow and confidence-building tips.

The thought of writing and performing a speech on your wedding day can feel a little overwhelming at first. To step you through the process, we've curated a helpful guide full of valuable tips and practical examples to get you started and settle the nerves.

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150 Of The Best Wedding Songs To Walk Down The Aisle To

From Ed Sheeran to The Beatles to Etta James, here are 150 amazing songs to consider for your grand entrance

The music you choose for your wedding day creates magical moments that stay in your memory forever. Your music choices are also one of the ways to best ways to express who you are as a couple: classical traditionalists, vintage music aficionados, or pure romantics.

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15 gorgeous mother of the bride outfits

Gorgeous mother-of-the-bride outfits for all seasons and all dress-codes

There are few moments in a mother's life as wonderful or memorable as watching her daughter walk down the aisle. As the bride's mother, you may have spent months, or even years, planning alongside her for this incredible moment. Amongst the myriad of wedding planning decisions that need to be made between her saying 'yes' and 'i do', one of the most important for you will be choosing what to wear on her special day. As with all wedding planning duties, this is one best shared, and as a collaborative process between the two of you, it can be one of the most enjoyable parts of planning the wedding.

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10 Best Honeymoon Destinations in Australia (2022 Update)

Beautiful white-sand beaches, remote islands, incredible wildlife, and world-class vineyards

Australia has long been overlooked as a romantic honeymoon option in favour of more exotic overseas destinations. But savvy couples planning their weddings are waking up to the incredible honeymoon destinations in Australia, not just for the range of awesome possibilities but because of one huge bonus, no jetlag-inducing travel necessary.

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How Much To Budget For Flowers At A Wedding? (Full Guide)

A curated guide for couples in the throes of planning their wedding day flowers

From ranunculus to roses, peonies to poppies, the artists whose hands form your precious posies are equally crucial to the florals you choose for your wedding day. More than just providing an arrangement on your wedding day, your florist will be an intricate part of your design process and wholly responsible for its execution on your wedding day.

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5 beautiful wedding makeup looks for 2022

5 beautiful wedding makeup looks complete with insider tips on how to achieve them on your special day

You've found your dream venue, locked in a date for your dream time of year, and your dream dress has arrived! With all these exciting decisions ticked off your wedding planning checklist, it's time to move on to planning your all-important wedding day makeup. If you are a makeup aficionado or enthusiast, this may prove to be one of the easiest decisions of your wedding planning journey, but if not, here are five beautiful wedding makeup looks for your special day.

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Incredible engagement present ideas for Australian Weddings

A curated list brimming with incredible engagement present ideas

Everyone loves a good reason to party, and there are few occasions more worthy of celebration than a friend, colleague or family member getting engaged. Soon after the proposal news comes the invitation to the all-important engagement party, and along with it, the question of what should I bring as a gift?

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A comprehensive guide for choosing the diamond engagement rings Brisbane has to offer

A helpful guide for explaining the complicated world of diamond selection and how to choose the perfect ring for your fiance

It is not every day that you get the exciting chance to choose or be surprised with a diamond engagement ring! Often, it is the most important, meaningful, and expensive ring purchase a person can make in their lifetime. Not only a symbol of love and commitment, it also serves as a sparkly, daily reminder of lifelong dedication. Therefore you want to ensure the wearer is as in love with the ring as they are with the person that gave it to them! But where to start?

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The best shoes to walk down the aisle in

Fashion and function both play an important role when deciding on the perfect shoe for saying 'I do'

If you've begun searching for the best wedding shoes to walk down the aisle in you will know that there are a plethora of options available to you, whether that be online or to try in-store. Chances are, you may already be starting to feel a little overwhelmed by all the choices! Whether it be glamorous slingbacks encrusted with pearls and crystal or something a little more understated in the form of bridal flats - this guide will help you find the style that best caters to your footwear fantasies.

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A guide for the best wedding car hire in Brisbane and beyond

A comprehensive guide to hiring your dream car for your wedding day

Whether it is a vintage Jaguar, Aston Martin, Bentley or something slightly racier like a Lamborghini or Ferrari the opportunities to roll into (pun intended) your dream day and make a chic and classy entrance or exit are endless.

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150 Of The Best Wedding Photo Ideas

The essential shots you need captured to make your wedding photo album unforgettable

To help you feel absolutely prepared, and remove any last minute ‘photo related anxiety’ on your wedding day, we’ve compiled a list of 150 ‘must have’ shots including contemporary takes (alongside some of the great classics) partnered with helpful tips to make everyone feel at ease in front of the camera.

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The Top Wedding Dress Trends For 2022

In 2022 designers are looking to capture the essence of what it is to feel powerfully beautiful on your wedding day.

With 2022 just around the corner, the uncertainty faced by couples planning a wedding in 2021 is being replaced by fresh optimism and excitement as brides sense and see a welcome return to normality appearing on the horizon. This sentiment is being echoed on the world's runways and is mirrored by designers whose 2022 wedding dress trends speak of aspirations for timelessness, fused with contemporary touches and daring new interpretations.

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10 Of The Best Brisbane Marriage Celebrants

To assist in wading through the waters of decision and to get you excited about planning this vital aspect of your wedding, we've compiled a list of Brisbane's best marriage celebrants alongside a guide brimming with helpful decision-making tips.

Very few settings in life are teeming with as much emotion as your wedding ceremony. Flashes of excitement, joy, jubilation, love and passion, and that's even before the groom sees his bride walking down the aisle. Amongst the buzz, nerves and excitement, it is critical to have an accomplished, happy, organised and confident wedding celebrant who can 'hold the space', create the right ambience for your guests and gracefully adjust to situations on the spot. When choosing a celebrant, it isn't just about choosing someone to facilitate the happy, magical moment you say 'I do'. Instead, it is about selecting the right individual who can help you plan your ideal ceremony, effectively capturing and communicating the unique magic of your union as you step into marriage.

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The 10 Best Brisbane Wedding Makeup Artists

This list of talented Brisbane makeup artists will allow you to get comfortable, clink some champagne and relax as they work their magic on your wedding day

You can trust in this list of the 10 best Brisbane wedding makeup artists that we’ve put together to help you find someone who will ensure you feel your best on your wedding day. Armed with lipsticks that range from natural nudes to romantic reds and flawless foundations, ensuring the only thing thick is the icing on your cake, these talented Brisbane makeup artists will allow you to get comfortable, clink some champagne and relax as they work their magic.

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The Best Wedding Photographers In Toowoomba And Beyond

Capturing all those magical moments on a wedding day is an art.

From snapping the groom’s face as the bride walks down the aisle, to the pure joy on the couples’ face as they exit the ceremony as husband and wife for the first time, to a hug from a grandparent and the cute excitement of the flower girls and page boys, you’ll want to remember it all. And wonderful Toowoomba wedding photographers help you do just that!

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Top 6 Wedding Videographers Brisbane

Looking to capture your special day perfectly? Look no further than these talented videographers.

For the most important day of your life, there is a long list of to-dos. Every website and wedding planner will have never-ending checklists filled with flowers, decorations, preparations, guest lists and more for you to organise. Whether you are planning a small budget event for your close family and friends or splashing out for a fairytale-like ball, there is one must-have you need to take the time to choose.

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5 Reasons to Pick a Wedding Venue With a Garden Ceremony

Trading the confines of a building for lush spaces, couples are increasingly choosing to say their forever 'I do's' in stunning outdoor garden ceremonies.

The epitome of elegance, a wedding venue with garden ceremony options will allow couples to escape the urban jungle and retreat to a venue that has a secluded ‘worlds-away-feeling’. Often located on large estates featuring abundant blossoms, rambling paths, verdant foliage, manicured lawns and striking green spaces, a garden ceremony will afford couples several key advantages and benefits over an indoor ceremony.

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10 of Brisbane’s Best Wedding Musicians And DJs

A comprehensive collection of Brisbane's best wedding entertainment options

It is said that ‘good performers create a vibe... but great performers curate an atmosphere.’ The difference then between the entertainment being good and great at your wedding, like most decisions you make in the lead up to your nuptials, comes down to research, planning and timely preparation.

Nothing quite conjures, conveys or captures emotion like music. Whether you are wanting the romantic ambience of an acoustic solo as you walk down the aisle or a 12 piece band belting out much loved bangers late into the evening, here are our expert tips to help decide on the best Brisbane based entertainment options for your wedding.

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20 Best Queensland Wedding Venues

A comprehensive list featuring the 20 most exceptional wedding venues in Queensland

With your venue becoming the canvas upon which all of your wedding day’s dreams come to life, it is important that it boasts far more than just having a ‘breathtaking location’ or ‘an incredible outlook.’ Your wedding day will be the culmination of months, or sometimes years, of planning so it is essential that your venue not only assists in curating and planning your day but also in delivering on everything you have envisioned.

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100 Questions To Ask Your Wedding Venue During Covid

Besides saying ‘yes’ to marrying your partner, saying ‘yes’ to your wedding venue can be the next most important decision!

Choosing a venue to call home on your wedding day that both accomodates all of your needs and assists in bringing the vision of your wedding day to life may, at first, feel like an overwhelming task. Let alone the extra challenges that Covid-19 has presented. To ensure you find the best fit for you and your partner we’ve put together a list of 100 crucial questions to ask the wedding venues on your short list, including a few somewhat 'curly' Covid related ones. It’s paramount that the wedding venue you choose can both guarantee AND deliver the wedding experience of your dreams and this comprehensive list of questions is here to guide you in that all-important decision-making process.

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150 First Dance Songs For Your 2022 Wedding Day

A comprehensive collection of 150 of the very best melodies for your all-important first dance

Comprising every kind of song from Ed Sheeran, and his smooth romantic melodies, to the swooning falsettos and enchanting tones of Bon Iver. In this carefully curated list, there is sure to be a melody that captures the magic of your relationship for your all-important 'first dance' on your wedding day.

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10 Benefits of Choosing a Country Wedding Venue

If you’re finding yourself longing for a relaxed change of scenery or wanting to escape the hustle and bustle to celebrate your wedding day and festivities, we have put together the top 10 benefits of having a country wedding for you and your guests alike:

Australia is experiencing a revival of breathtaking country wedding venue options, with heritage-listed homesteads like Gabbinbar Homestead, boutique country manors and winery-based venues breathing new life into the wedding landscape. Tucked away on expansive estates, nestled on escarpments, dotted amongst lush valleys or overlooking undulating hills these country wedding venues are rolling out the red carpet for visitors to their region and are proudly championing everything their unique locale has to offer.

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10 Step Easy Guide: How To Write Your Wedding Vows

Our easy to follow 10 step guide for writing and creating personalised wedding vows

If you're thinking you’d like to write your own wedding vows, but you’re feeling a little overwhelmed, the great news is we’re here to help relieve the pressure. So, whether you are a modern-day Shakespeare or a person of few words don’t miss our step-by-step template, with some expert tips, that anyone can follow to help write their own wedding vows.

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Top 10 Airbnb Accommodation Near Gabbinbar Homestead

From bespoke boutique cottages to Hamptons inspired retreats we've put together a list of our favourite Airbnb's to stay in.

Whether you are visiting Toowoomba to take part in a fabulous wedding weekend, attending the yearly carnival of flowers festival (which sees the cities gardens burst with thousands of blooms) or simply taking a trip up the escarpment to see and taste the regions delights, you will be spoilt for choice when choosing where you’d like to retreat to and rest your head at the end of the day.

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Planning The Perfect Wedding Weekend Experience In Toowoomba

Top tips and hints for enjoying the festivities and celebrations when planning the perfect wedding weekend on the picturesque Darling Downs

Ask any couple to reminisce about their wedding day experience and somewhere, amidst the gushing words about it being 'the perfect day' and 'everything we imagined', is often the caveat 'we just wish it wasn't over so quickly!!'. With 2020 dramatically altering the social landscape, and our ability to spend time with loved ones from near and far, the 'wedding weekend' is emerging as a way to enjoy and prolong the celebrations and festivities.

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5 Incredible Alternatives To Wedding Flowers

While most people would agree that florals make a compelling case for inclusion on your wedding day, what do you do if you're personally just not that into them?

While traditional wedding styling may favour the presence of blooms, contemporary couples are increasingly choosing to sway towards captivating wedding flower alternatives that still bring a festive, personalised and breathtaking vibe to their celebration.

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7 Beautiful Bride Hair Styles For Your Wedding Day

To help you decide on the perfect wedding day hairstyle and the perfect stylist to bring your vision to life we’ve composed this inclusive guide packed full of expert tips.

This season the much-coveted top wedding day hairstyles and looks of relaxed updos, braids, textured ponytails and soft glam waves continue to feature heavily, with brides taking these popular trends and confidently making them their own with a customised approach or personalised accessories. To help you decide on the perfect wedding day hairstyle for you and the perfect stylist to bring your vision to life we’ve composed this inclusive guide packed full of expert tips.

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Planning Your Wedding Post COVID (Full Guide)

Expert tips for replanning your wedding and some creative ideas to ensure you get the most out of your original date items!

We understand that postponing your wedding due to COVID may have felt a little overwhelming, and at times, let's face it, downright stressful!! But with the successful return of weddings, couples all over Australia are now finally getting to do-over their 'dream day' post COVID-19! We've put together a guide full of expert tips for preparing for your new date and repurposing your original items!

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How to Entertain & Include Children in Your Wedding

Your guide to keeping the youngest members on your guest list excited and delighted throughout your wedding day

Your wedding is a wonderful day of celebration and joy-filled festivities shared with those nearest and dearest to you. Family and friends from all different stages of your life get to gather, celebrate your joyous union and wish you well as you embark on this newest adventure. With so many great kid friendly wedding ceremony and kid friendly wedding reception options available to you for including and entertaining children at a wedding you can ensure your special day will be a laughter filled, joyous and memorable affair for both young and old.

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The 10 Best Suppliers Of Wedding Cakes In Brisbane

Your curated guide for choosing the 'perfect' wedding cake along with the accompanying wedding cake makers in Brisbane and the surrounding regions who can help bring that dream to life.

Choosing the perfect wedding cake can be a tantalising yet tricky decision to navigate with the incredible array of flavours on offer and the limitless styling options available. The cutting of the cake together as newlyweds will be a focal point of your celebration and the cake itself the statement piece of your reception. With our list of talented wedding cake makers from Brisbane and the surrounding regions, you will undoubtedly be spoilt for choice. Here are a few of the very best!

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2021 Wedding Dress Trends That Are Getting Us Excited!

From modern silhouettes to ultra-feminine ruffles, the stunning 2021 bridal gowns that will be gracing wedding aisles.

In challenging times, it is essential to keep dreaming. While not every aspect of your wedding can be shrouded in certainty at the moment, brides can be reassured that hope is on the horizon and that 2021 bridal collections are offering some stunning wedding dress trends that they can get very excited about.

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Expert Tips For A Pet-friendly Wedding

How do you make sure that it is an enjoyable day for both you and your pet and one that is unforgettable for all the right reasons?

From darling dogs to fancy felines, beautiful bunnies and lovable llamas, they are faithful companions that have seen us through the best and sometimes the worst seasons of our lives. On your wedding day, it makes sense then, that you would want to have your pet by your side, continuing to make memories with you. But what exactly does a pet-friendly or dog-friendly wedding look like?

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Can’t dance?! Here are 10 Great Alternatives to Dancing at your Wedding

COVID-19 restrictions mean Australian couples are adapting and getting creative for their dance free wedding receptions

They say 'necessity is the beautiful mother of invention,' and with current COVID-19 restrictions preventing dancing at weddings, couples all across Australia are adapting and getting creative. Finding alternative wedding reception ideas and unique ways to ensure guests can still unwind, socialise and have an unforgettable time means couples are breaking with tradition and re-imagining what their ideal wedding reception can look like.

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Plan like you are right here

MyGabbinbar is our bespoke wedding planning software which allows you to easily plan your wedding!

Committed to delivering excellence in every area of your wedding experience from initial planning stages to post wedding item pick-up, Gabbinbar Homestead's virtual wedding planning system 'MyGabbinbar' offers a personalised all-inclusive planning platform. Mobile optimised 'MyGabbinbar' is available to all Gabbinbar Homestead couples and helps you and your partner manage all aspects of your wedding.

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15 Unique Wedding Ceremony Ideas

Here are 15 unique wedding ceremony ideas we’ve curated for you!

You’ve carefully chosen the wedding outfit of your dreams that is perfectly suited to you; your personalised wedding invitations have been ordered and are on the way, and you’re currently selecting the unique touches to adorn your wedding cake. It seems only fitting that since you’ve put a substantial amount of planning into making your wedding custom suited to you, your ceremony should be no different!

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Wedding Wishing Well - How to Ask Guests to Contribute

Wishing wells are becoming more and more popular!

Wishing wells are now one of the most common ways for guests to gift a new couple on their wedding day. It avoids unwanted gifts, transporting large items after your wedding and it also means that you can put the money towards the things that you want most. You can use this monetary gift to put towards your honeymoon, household items or even towards the purchase of a home!

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Top Bridal Shops For Wedding Dresses In Brisbane

We're here to help reduce some of the anxiety surrounding wedding dress shopping.

We’re here to help reduce some of the anxiety surrounding wedding dress shopping. Our guide outlines everything you need to consider when hunting for a bridal gown, including the different factors you need to think about, general tips for wedding dress shopping and the top 12 bridal boutiques in Brisbane so you know exactly where to go to find the gown of your dreams.

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The Order Of Speeches At Weddings In Australia Explained

Depending on the style of your wedding, you can opt for several different arrangements of speeches.

The order of speeches at weddings varies greatly by country and religion. Therefore, it can be quite confusing to navigate your way through tradition and culture to know exactly how to schedule your reception. In this post, you will learn all you need to know about the order and content of speeches ats Australian weddings.

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The Best Wedding Invitation And Stationery Designers In Brisbane

When you're looking for creative inspiration when planning your memorable day, explore the best wedding invitation cards and stationery designers in brisbane, australia.

Does the wedding celebration begin when he pops the question or when you mail your first wedding invitation? It's hard to say. Perhaps it all begins the night you realise how much you love one another. As you look for creative ways to celebrate your union in your unique style, it's important to let the things that characterise you as a couple shine through. Beautiful wedding stationery is the perfect way to set the tone for your wedding and personalise your day.

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Wild Love - Summer Wedding Styled Shoot

Untamed, Natural Romance Comes To The Fore In This Ethereal Shoot At Gabbinbar Homestead

The natural beauty of the Gabbinbar grounds became the backdrop of a stunning styled shoot highlighting a modern take on romance: raw, wild and free-spirited.

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Fun Things To Do In Toowoomba For Your Wedding Guests

Toowoomba Is The Place To Be For Your Upcoming Wedding - The City's A Garden Surrounded With Amazing Cafes And Restaurants

One of the best benefits of having a destination wedding in South East Queensland, Australia is getting to spend lots of quality time with your guests. But, this also comes with the pressure of making sure they have an awesome time, especially if they are staying in Toowoomba beyond the big day.

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The Best Wedding Florists In Toowoomba

Being surrounded by stunning blooms is one of the highlights of any perfect wedding day.

From floral archways and arbors, bouquets and boutonnieres, to table settings and reception florals, being surrounded by stunning blooms is one of the highlights of any perfect wedding day.

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3 Magical Spots In Gabbinbar Homestead's Summer Garden

Purple jacarandas in bloom, majestic ancient trees, twinkling lights and lush green grounds

One of the biggest drawcards of a beautiful wedding day at Gabbinbar Homestead is enjoying the historic gardens. With many of the trees planted over 150 years ago and lush green grounds cared for meticulously by our team of dedicated gardeners, the Gabbinbar Homestead garden is like no other.

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3 Reasons To Have A Summer Wedding In South-East Queensland

Toowoomba Puts Its Best Foot Forward In Summer

Summer is a time to relax, soak up the sun and spend quality time with friends and family. All the right ingredients for a fun-loving wedding don’t you think? If you’re considering a summer wedding we’d recommend moving south east Queensland to the top of your list… read on to learn why.

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Here Are Three Colour Schemes for a Summer Wedding

Soak up a little wedding inspiration

Are you planning a summer wedding? One of our favourite things about summer weddings is you can pick the crème da la crème of flowers. With so many flowers in season during summer you can really push the boundaries when it comes to what florals you use to create your wedding theme. Here are three colour schemes we think are perfect for your summer nuptials.

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10 Wedding Planning Secrets Only Pro Know

A must-read if you are newly engaged

Planning a wedding can seem really overwhelming, but great news is, it doesn’t have to be! We’ve helped planned countless weddings at Gabbinbar Homestead; along the way we’ve picked up a few tips so this is a must-read if you are newly engaged. Here are 10 wedding planning secrets straight from the pros.

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How To Create A Rustic Wedding Theme

A wedding theme inspired by the simplicity of country life

One of our favourite wedding theme’s is the ‘rustic wedding’. Gabbinbar Homestead and a rustic wedding theme are like two peas in a pod, there’s no better wedding venue to bring your rustic vision to life. Creating a rustic wedding theme is all about using natural touches and foraged items rather than purchasing luxurious and refined items. A rustic wedding theme is inspired by the simplicity of country life, references the outdoors and usually incorporates rustic elements such as timber, metal and raw surfaces.

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The Ultimate Guide To Creating A Country-luxe Themed Wedding

A country wedding theme for the modern bride

Do you like the warm and welcoming vibe of a country themed wedding but cowboy boots aren’t your thing? If you’re wanting a luxurious and glamorous feel but you don’t want your special day to feel too over the top and extravagant then a country-luxe themed wedding might be a great theme for your day. Some may think country-luxe is like chalk and cheese, or fire and water but not if you follow our tips below. Here’s how you can create a modern country wedding with luxe elements.

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3 Unexpected Wedding Food Ideas

Wedding food ideas that will leave your guests gob-smacked!

Have you thought about surprising your guests with out-of-this-world food ideas? Here are 3 wedding food ideas that will leave your guests gob-smacked. Of course, when you are planning your wedding you want it to be as unique as possible. We find our couples are always looking for ways to inject their personality into their special day, provide moments that will surprise their guests and most importantly make their wedding day feel like the couple they are.

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Best Signature Wedding Drinks For Your Special Day

It's time to get creative with your wedding drinks selection

There is so much more to wedding life than your standard drinks package. Yes, beer, wine and basic spirits are a good base to start with but don’t stop there! Get creative with your drinks selection and spoil your guests with mouth-watering drinks they can’t stop talking about.

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Jaw-dropping & Gorgeous Wedding Flower Ideas

A collection of wedding floral ideas to get you inspired for your wedding day!

If there’s one thing that can completely transform a space, we’d say it’s flowers. Our ceremony and reception locations have been dressed with an abundance of flowers and completely transformed into our bride and groom’s very own unique wedding venue. Here are three ‘stop-in-your-tracks’ wedding florals that will get your imagination running wild.

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Clever ideas to present your wedding menu

Impress your guests with these wedding menu designs and styling ideas

Wedding menus are a necessary part of your wedding table styling but that doesn’t mean they have to be boring. Your menu card can be the vital link to pull all your styling together or it can be a hero piece, standing proud on the table. Here are some of our favourite menu styling ideas to get you thinking.

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3 Wedding Day Floral Installations That Bring The Wow-factor

Floral installations we know you will love

Nothing brings the wow factor to your wedding day more than a killer floral installation as a backdrop. Once upon a time, this would have consisted of a wooden arbour delicately decorated with pretty florals. Don’t get us wrong we love the classic wooden arbour look but these days our talented florists are pushing floral installations to a whole new level and we are loving it! Here are 3 floral installations which will leave you speechless.

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Wedding Cake Inspiration To Die For

Nine wedding cakes that we think are super pretty

If there is one thing that almost every one of our Wedding Planners loves, it’s catching a glimpse of the decadent wedding cakes which take pride of place at Gabbinbar Homestead. 1, 2 or 3 tiers we don’t discriminate we love all wedding cakes no matter what their style or flavour is.

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3 Reasons To Have A Winter Wedding

Create a winter wonderland wedding in South East Queensland

A winter wedding is sometimes overlooked by newly engaged couples. However, we think Gabbinbar Homestead is the perfect winter wedding venue and our wedding planning team know all the tips and tricks to keep your guests warm, comfortable and full of love. Here’s 3 reasons why you should host a winter wedding at Queensland’s destination wedding venue, Gabbinbar Homestead.

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Gabbinbar Homestead's totally Instagrammable dessert menu

A Dessert Menu To Satisfy The Sweetest Of Sweet-Tooths

Consider yourself to have a bit of a sweet-tooth? Well, you’re certainly in for a real treat when dessert is served at Gabbinbar Homestead. We have three mouth-watering options when it comes to your dessert menu – a classic plated dessert, the Gabbinbar dessert bar and our most recent addition, the vintage ice cream station! Of course, your wedding cake is still the number one wedding dessert but we also offer a medley of other desserts to complement your cake and spoil your guests.

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How To Dress Your Furry Friend On Your Wedding Day

Styling ideas for every pooch

We all know that your four-legged furry friend is one of the VIPs on your wedding guest list so, they need to look the part. Paw-rents this one is for you, here are some ideas to style your pooch on your wedding day – be warned they are pretty cute and may just steal the show (but only for a little bit).

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Our Top 3 Wedding Planning Tips

Three tips that will have you wedding planning like a boss

The world of wedding planning can be an overwhelming one and sometimes you can be inundated with so much advice that you send yourself into a tail spin. The Gabbinbar Homestead wedding planning team have you covered, we do this for a living and to be honest we love every minute of it. So here are our 3 wedding planning tips that every newly engaged couple must know.

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Just A Little Wedding Ceremony Styling Inspiration To Tickle Your Fancy

3 neutral wedding ceremony styles we know you'll love

White is boring… said no one ever! A neutral, white themed wedding would have to be one of our absolute favourite styles here at Gabbinbar Homestead. A white themed wedding is timeless, oozes elegance and oh so beautiful! So, without further ado here are 3 of our favourite neutral themed ceremony styles which we simply can’t forget.

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When to Send Wedding Invitations & RSVPs (Full Guide)

Don’t stress, we’ve got you covered when it comes to wedding stationery

It’s official, you’ve set the date for your wedding, it’s locked in Eddy! Now it’s time to organise your wedding stationery which includes a save the date card, your wedding invitation and you’ll also need to set the RSVP date. If that list is stressing you out don’t worry, the Gabbinbar Homestead Wedding Planning team have you covered.

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5 Tips For Choosing The Right Wedding Photographer

Navigate the world of wedding photography

Once you’ve locked in your wedding venue, one of the next big decisions you’ll have to make is deciding on your wedding photographer. Your wedding album is something you’ll cherish for years to come so you want to make sure you pick a wedding photographer who will document your special day in a style you love. We’ve compiled our 5 hot tips to help make your wedding photographer decision that little bit easier.

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5 Wedding Favour Ideas We Know Your Guests Will Love

Wedding favours we know your guests will love

There’s no doubt the ‘organise wedding favours’ has been sitting on your wedding to-do list for quite some time. Here at Gabbinbar Homestead we see several couples struggle to think of a wedding favour idea that is not only is cost-effective but also relatively easy to organise, particularly if you have a large guest list. Don’t worry, our wedding planning team has you sorted, here are our five favourite wedding favour idea’s we know your guests will love.

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5 Tips for your wedding day that you need to know

Our wedding planning team spill the beans on some of their tips and tricks

It’s safe to say the wedding planning team certainly have a truck load of tips and tricks which they regularly share with our Gabbinbar Homestead brides. We’d love to tell you all of them, but we’d be here all day so let’s stick with our top five. To ensure your special day is nothing but comfortable and seamless, we recommend following these handy five tips.

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5 Top Wedding Photo Locations At Gabbinbar Homestead

A beautiful showcase of what your wedding album might look like

It goes without saying that Gabbinbar Homestead is renowned for our selection of photo locations across the estate. In fact, we have over 100 different photo locations on the estate. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a simple and elegant backdrop for your photos or something more rustic, we’re sure you’ll find a spot which you’ll simply fall in love with.

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Hosting A Summer Wedding At Gabbinbar Homestead

Here are three tips to keep your guests cool this summer

Summer is certainly a busy time of year here at Gabbinbar Homestead. It is our peak flower season and the temperatures in Toowoomba are typically cooler than the rest of Queensland with much lower humidity. We are often blessed with warm (not hot), blue sky days so it is no wonder a summertime Gabbinbar wedding is one of the most popular choices for many couples.

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Wedding Bouquet Inspiration For The Modern Bride

Three bouquets which push the traditional boundaries

When it comes to wedding bouquets the choices really are endless. The flowers you choose really enhance the theme or feel you are trying to create for your wedding. For example, just with the addition of a tumbling, wildflower bouquet you can create a bohemian feel to your special day. We love that our brides are pushing the boundaries and thinking outside the box when it comes to their bouquet. Here are three wedding bouquets for the modern bride who really wants to make a statement on her wedding day.

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The real meaning behind popular wedding traditions

Have You Ever Thought Why Does The Bride Really Toss Her Bouquet?

If there is one event that is rich with tradition it would have to be a wedding. We’ve seen beautiful traditional weddings here at Gabbinbar Homestead as well as some more modern weddings with just a hint of tradition scattered throughout the day. Whether you’re a traditionalist or a modern bride, have you ever thought what do these traditions really mean?

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First Five Steps To Planning Your Wedding

Gabbinbar Homestead helps you kick-start your wedding planning

So, your engaged, you’ve chosen the ring and now it’s time to start planning your wedding. Being engaged is a special time in your life but it’s easy to become overwhelmed with planning your wedding. Don’t worry, we are here to help from the get-go. Here are the first five things you should do when you start planning your wedding.

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5 Reasons To Have A Country Destination Wedding

Gabbinbar Homestead, Queensland's wedding destination

Still undecided on whether or not you should plan a country destination wedding? Here are five reasons which we think will help make your decision that little bit easier.

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