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Top 10 Wedding Videographers in Brisbane

Looking to capture your special day perfectly? Look no further than these talented videographers.

For the most important day of your life, there is a long list of to-dos. Every website and wedding planner will have never-ending checklists filled with flowers, decorations, preparations, guest lists and more for you to organise. Whether you are planning a small budget wedding for your close family and friends or splashing out for a fairytale-like ball, there is one must-have you need to take the time to choose.

The memories of the decorations you settle on, or food you opt for, will slowly fade with time. What will capture this wedding day are the snapshots and videos you will take home and treasure for many years to come. There is nothing worth investing in as much as a wedding videographer and photographer to capture your wedding day just as you want it.

In this blog post, we will cover the best videographers available in Brisbane to immortalise your first dance, first kiss as a married couple, and the joy of two families becoming one.


Before choosing a videographer, you will want to consider several aspects.

One of the first things to consider when hiring a Brisbane wedding videographer is what is their style of videography? You want to peruse their portfolio to see their storytelling style and whether it would fit your couple. There are styles of wedding videographers that feature cinematographic movie-shots, a more fast-paced style, or a documentary-like perspective. Take some time to watch their demo reel, and if there is something you like, take note and pass it onto the company!

We recommend meeting the wedding videographer and learning more about them. Here are some great starting questions.

  • How many weddings have they shot?
  • How many people and cameras will they need to operate on the day of?
  • What are any additional costs that you may encounter?
  • How long will it take to edit the video?
  • What or how much of the wedding will they be filming?
  • What music will they be using in the video?
  • Will there be audio included in the footage?
  • Have they worked with any photographers?

The last thing you want to consider is your chemistry with the videographer. After all, it is your wedding, and you want the people who surround you to elevate your vibe and make your wedding day a flawless success.

Below, you will find every Brisbane wedding videographer that you need to know about, along with some details about their shooting styles, what their packages include and other details you might find useful.


Luke Bickley has a flurry of top reviews for good reason. His finished products feature stunning backdrops, cinematic framing, close-up shots, panoramic views of the venue, along with breathtaking editing. His footage elegantly shot on the wedding day is put together seamlessly with subdued tones to capture all the elegance.

What truly sets Luke Bickley aside from many of the other videography companies on this list, is the storytelling by video. His transitions, jump cuts, and flashbacks will certainly have you teary-eyed from the magic. While his passion and focus are filmography, he can recommend some great photographers to put together an ultimate team for your day.

Dreamy, timeless, elegant, romantic, and a real-life fairy tale is the imagery you can expect in the visuals. You will see yourself looking your most beautiful in these expertly put together shots capturing every glance, kiss, and magical moment. To book Luke, head over to his websites contact page to confirm pricing and availability.


A romantic and timeless approach is taken by the team at By Grace Images to immortalise your wedding day. Their colour corrections, choice of imagery and pairing with music are tailored to every couple's personality. They include voice-over, and beautiful storytelling of the day in the final product. There is something elegant and beautiful about their stylistic choices and editing style.

They do not only focus on wedding cinematography but also take stunning photographs. This makes them a great option since their wedding videography packages can be chosen as a combination of both. Check out some of the stunning images they have captured from other happy couples.

Due to their enormous popularity, you will need to book far in advance, check their availability online. By Grace Images originally started as a one woman show named Kait Photography, however, it has now expanded to be a complete wedding videography service. The grace and softness of a woman's touch are still felt in the lovely images.


Anchored Cinema is one most desired videographers in the Brisbane wedding videography scene. They are also popular across the world, with shoots available in New Zealand, Bali, Fiji, Thailand, Italy, and more! The team is comprised of four core artists, including creative director James Connel, Cinematographer James Morello, Lead Editor Jagan Gillett, and Studio Manager Christy Landicho.

Every wedding is unique, and the team at Anchored Cinema works to create the perfect day for you. They have several packages available including full-day coverage, or just the main moments. To decide exactly what you want, check out their available packages. The team focuses on creating candid and casual shots to ensure couples are as comfortable as possible. They include high-quality audio interwoven with romantic music and beautifully edited videos.

The shooting style is a mixture of cinematography with romantic tones, and storytelling. They continually cut between the preparation for the wedding day, scenic footage, and gorgeous videos of the ceremony. Take a moment to check out their portfolio or Instagram and Facebook to see love-filled films.


Based in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, and the Gold Coast, Lemon Tree media is a couple in love, dedicated to capturing love stories. They want to be part of your special day, to ensure your vows, looks of love, and matrimony are immortalised in a beautiful wedding film.

They include high-quality audio from the speeches and ceremony intertwined with smiling faces from the crowd, picturesque images from the wedding venue, and the absolute bliss of a couple in love. Whether you have a big ceremony with all your loved ones, or wish to keep your day intimate, Lemon Tree Film House will be a fly on the wall capturing every magical moment.

They are flexible and are determined to create the ultimate video to capture your enchanting day. Their videos include seamless editing, gentle colours, and a unique take on space and shape. They focus on the happiness, the unity between man and wife, and capturing candid moments of laughter and smiles to make a video you'll never grow tired of watching. Check out their portfolio and wedding packages available for your special day.


Potentially one of the best videography companies out there on the market, the Brisbane Video Company specialises in bringing your wedding to life on your screen. Their filming has gorgeous attention to details, aerial shots, and candid moments. They will capture every loving glimpse and teary eye. It is no surprise that they have won multiple awards including Best Feature Films, World Film Festivals, and Byron bay International Festival.

Their creative style focuses on capturing memorable moments, and gentle tonal shifts in their final edits to truly make their videos a pleasure to watch. Every video created by this team has a unique take to represent the beloved couple, yet all are beautifully curated to showcase the love and magic with wedding videography. Whether it is the bridesmaids preparing themselves for the event, the proud gaze of the almost in-laws, or the first glimpse the couple has of one another, the Brisbane Video Company captures it all. The happiness, love, and romance are palpable in every syot. Check out their video packages which include editing, up to 12 hours of footage, in-person planning, several rounds of feedback, drone footage, and much more!


If you are looking for a company that has extensive experience doing wedding videography all over the world, then consider Michael Kelly Films. To find if they are available, and the precise prices, simply fill out their contact form online.

With a mixture of romantic music, ambient audio, stunning images from the day and candidly captured moments these videos will remain a treasure for many years to come. Michael blends in seamlessly with the guests at your wedding, making him a part of the day. This makes it easy to be relaxed around him and have him capture the true essence of every moment.

Couples have commented on how the service made them feel comfortable, and how the finished product exceeded their expectations in capturing the most important day of their life. Whether your wedding is on a beach, on a farm, in the rain, or the sunshine, Michael Kelly will find a way to make a gorgeous video of you and your loved one.

Check out their online portfolio to see if their style is for you!


Have this team of experts capture your special day as one of the hundreds of clients they service every year. With a mixture of snapshots captured from the ceremony, party, and setting scenes. The smooth, gentle editing truly tells a story of love with gorgeous colours and a unique view. They are well known for creating high quality, artistic, and emotional videos that feature tear-jerking speeches, beautifully captured moments, and high-quality audio. All the film shots are set to appropriate music and take you on a journey of the beautiful day.

Along with videography, this studio offers photography as well. In terms of the packages, they offer free highlight reels, or a keepsake collection which includes physical images. Every video created by Jordyn and Andy puts the love of the couple at the forefront. All reviews mention how stunningly they captured the magical day, and how organised, and easy to work with they are. They offer photography along with filmography which are both classic, yet modern.


Your wedding story focuses on capturing down to earth, fun-loving, and family-focused weddings. Michelle who is the principal videographer of Your Wedding Story, has been filming weddings intending to avoid cheesy and cringeworthy wedding videos. She does wedding videography with a focus on creating a personalised video for the couple to tell the wedding story of their dreams.

Michelle has been nominated and won 2nd and 3rd place at the ABIA awards, and has been servicing weddings all around southeast Queensland. She offers a quick response on her website, or you can submit a contact form to organise your wedding story.

Check out her portfolio to see the romantic collection of videos from the hundreds of weddings she has filmed and put together. This is a special occasion you will never forget, and Your Wedding Story focuses to allow you to fully enjoy your day while receiving the benefit of a beautifully captured wedding video to take home.


Mitch Birchall creates videos for couples all over the state and would be able to come and film your wedding day in Brisbane. They have a team that focuses on creating content with state-of-the-art equipment and a goal of capturing the love and excitement of the day. They make sure to use the beautiful setting of Queensland to add to the splendour of the wedding.

The videos feature slow-motion footage, elegant shapes, cinematographic takes, and lovely editing to match gentle music. Check out their portfolio to see the love captured on screen of other couples to see what you could expect.

Mitch Birchall offers multiple wedding videography prices including short edits, long edits, or raw footage. The packages offer highlight reels, drone camera footage, full HD delivery, 4-8 weeks delivery, along with with an in-person or call consultation. Click here to find out exactly what packages are available.


If you are looking for a luxurious, magnificent, and opulent videographers and photographers then Evernew is the studio for you. The images this team captures are fit for royals, with incredible lighting, editing, and storytelling. They put an emphasis on working together with the couple to ensure the wedding videography matches the desired aesthetic of the wedding. Each photo or wedding video is truly a piece of art.

Contact them directly to find the ultimate package to secure everything you may want for your special day. The team is more than happy to discuss venues, packages, types of video, and storytelling goals for your wedding video.

Whichever wedding videographer you choose, these 10 incredible companies will be a fantastic addition to your wedding day. Make sure to pick someone you would want to work with, and someone who will seamlessly blend into the wedding. Take the time and give them a call. After all, on the day of, your only job is to smile, love, and laugh with your other half.


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