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The best wedding photographers in Toowoomba & beyond

Capturing All Those Magical Moments On A Wedding Day Is An Art.

From snapping the groom’s face as the bride walks down the aisle, to the pure joy on the couples’ face as they exit the ceremony as husband and wife for the first time, to a hug from a grandparent and the cute excitement of the flower girls and page boys, you’ll want to remember it all. And wonderful Toowoomba wedding photographers help you do just that!

From snapping the groom’s face as the bride walks down the aisle, to the pure joy on the couples’ face as they exit the ceremony as husband and wife for the first time, to a hug from a grandparent and the cute excitement of the flower girls and page boys, you’ll want to remember it all. And wonderful Toowoomba wedding photographers help you do just that!

Whether you prefer to focus on the raw emotion of the day or the fun had by the guests on the dance floor, an exceptional Toowoomba wedding photographer is essential. They know how to capture all the amazing wedding day moments, big and small, so you can treasure them forever.

Here is our list of some of the best photographers in Toowoomba, as well as those willing to travel to the wonderful weddings at Gabbinbar Homestead, who we trust to catch the important wedding moments you’ll want to enjoy for a lifetime..


Feather & Finch is a sought-after Toowoomba wedding photographer. They produce wedding photos that tell a story. Photographer Ryan is known for exquisite photographs in beautiful natural landscapes and for not shying away from the emotion found at weddings, whether it’s a tear or a hug or that look between the new husband and wife, he’ll capture it and you’ll love it.


Toowoomba local Dan Vonhoff approaches wedding photography with a relaxed, natural and positive vibe that creates candid, sincere photos. He is constantly on the lookout for those ‘moments between moments’ rather than setting up staged opportunities and the result is special, real and precious wedding memories. We know Dan is in demand across the country, so get in early to book him for your wedding day.


Kait from By Grace Images is a joy to work with and brings glamour and sophistication to her beautiful wedding photography. Kait’s goal is to provide videography and wedding photography for romantics with classic taste and couples at Gabbinbar Homestead love it. With over 7 years’ experience capturing hundreds of couples and their first dances, you know you’ll be in safe hands with By Grace Images.


Bright and bubbly Toowoomba wedding photographer, Lucy Sheedy, does photography that will make you laugh and make you cry. Every time. Whether it’s a mother hugging her bride-to-be, a daughter with tears in her eyes or exuberant dancing flower girls, Lucy knows how to capture a moment. Being a Toowoomba local, Lucy also has an excellent knowledge of local venues, the best scenery and how to work the Darling Downs light to its most glorious advantage!


Looking for one of Toowoomba’s best local wedding day photographers? Leah Cruikshank, an in-demand photographer at Gabbinbar Homestead, could be the match for you. Creating real, honest and romantic imagery with elegant glamour, Leah Cruikshank wedding Photography is beautifully stylized making her an excellent choice for those big wedding moments.


We love something a little different and wedding photography from Stories By Ash has an exuberant, funny, joyous and friendly bent that doesn’t take things too seriously. If you’re looking for traditional wedding photography, this isn’t the place for that, but if you’re wanting to capture that awesome moment the bride drinks straight out the champagne bottle with glee or the cheeky laughs of the groomsmen, then you’re in the right place.


Husband and wife team Amy and Chris behind About Time Co are in love with love. They are also in love with creating photographs that are natural, meaningful and transport you back to the memories of your wedding day for years to come. To achieve that, they stay away from staged and posed wedding photography and spend a lot of time beforehand making sure you’re a good fit and super comfortable so that they can capture the absolute best footage on the wedding day.


Candice Gardner photography puts raw emotions, connections and pure happiness over and above the ‘perfect’ every time. She creates an intimate feel by getting to know her couples in depth before the wedding day to make sure that everyone feels relaxed and things run smoothly.


Matthew Gillam is a Toowoomba wedding photographer with a love for natural light and incredible scenery. Treating each wedding as a unique love story, the results are often cinematic and brilliant. Think twinkling lights across the huge trees at Gabbinbar Homestead while the bride and groom and wedding guests dance up a storm under the brilliant stars.


Full-time photographer, part-time surfer, Luke Middlemiss from the Sunshine Coast knows how to capture gorgeous light and natural, fun-loving moments between couples. An in-demand photographer across Australia, he regularly travels to Toowoomba to photograph weddings and collaborate with the bride and groom to find that essence that is all their own. He’s also adept at finding gorgeous natural environments to create show-stopping imagery to treasure forever.


Nak Photography run by husband and wife, Brent and Sam, is all about vivid and authentic imagery for your wedding day. They love colour and movement and send a special call-out to the ‘adventurous at heart couples’ who want wedding photography that reflects that. If you’re looking for confetti, smiles, beautiful lighting and fun, you’ve found your photographers.


Arty, emotional, majestic landscapes and beautiful black and white wedding photography is a large slice of the stunning Mitchell J Carlin wedding photography style. A regular who often photographs beautiful weddings at Gabbinbar in Toowoomba, Mitchell knows how to complement the unique vibe of a couple and bring an unforgettable wedding album to life.


Behind the lens of Riddel Photographers is the lovely Paula Riddell. Offering a documentary style of photographing, Paula takes a fly on the wall approach to capture the truest story of the wedding day. She’s also keen to get to know you first and make sure you’re all on the same page and ready to be relaxed and gorgeous as you make those lifelong memories.


Paul & Bec Finch of The Finches are a husband and wife team with a shared love of love, wedding photography, and weddings. Proffering a photo-documentary style that works well with oceans, outdoor adventures, lots of music and greenery, The Finches travel all over and love a destination wedding and all the beautiful photographs that can be captured in Toowoomba.


One of the most stunning destination wedding photographers to be found in Toowoomba has to be Alex Cohen Photography. Alex is a Toowoomba wedding photographer originally from Paris, who travels all over in the name of sophisticated, ephemeral, emotional photos that sum up your wedding day. She is a master of capturing the essence between couples - whether they are feeling pure joy or are filled with raw emotion - it’s always a real and true reflection of the couple.


Sinead of Never Mist Photography is a wonderful wedding photographer who brings together magical wedding imagery for couples in Toowoomba and beyond. With a rich palette that emphasises olive greens, deep reds, and shining golds, Never Mist Photography’s imagery is a great match for a Gabbinbar wedding surrounded by the lush gardens and twinkling lights. If you’re looking for close-ups of the show-stopping moments as well as the behind the scenes atmosphere at a wedding, Never Mist Photography is a great choice.


Ben & Hope Photography is the baby of husband and wife team, named, you guessed it, Ben and Hope! The duo makes a great combo because they have different areas of expertise that bring your wedding day to light in the most creative way: Hope is the sneaky snapper capturing the hugs, kisses, smiles, and tears that happen behind the scenes and in the moment. Ben, a US native, snaps the big wedding cinematic moments and directs pretty, fun, light and colourful photographic moments you can rely on.


Bernadette Draffin and her team are amazing wedding photographers and cinematographers known for creating photographs and short films that truly inspire. From sweeping fields, to dancing under lights, to walking down the majestic sweep of the Gabbinbar Homestead driveway, the team knows how to create drama both in image and film.


Oli of Briars Atlas is who you engage for wit, humour, fun, colour and style when choosing an amazing wedding photographer who loves shooting in Toowoomba. While based in Melbourne, Oli who is also a creative lecturer internationally travels all over the land and will invest himself in making something wonderful for you. Make sure you check out his portfolio to see all the amazing moments he has captured over the years, it’s truly stunning.


Andy and the team at Evernew Studio are a Brisbane-based photographic studio that love to travel up the range to Toowoomba to tell couples’ stories truthfully and purposefully. The minimalist approach of Evernew Studio is a blend of documentary-style authenticity coupled with that little extra polish to create timeless, emotive and beautiful wedding photos that make your heart skip a beat!


Brisbane-based wedding photographer Jess Marks regularly shoots wonderful weddings in Toowoomba and really knows how to capture the joy in wedding day moments and the moments in-between the smiles. Photographing families and weddings since 2008, Jess is well known for being a light and joy to work with and because of that Jess consistently delivers on those real moments of joy, love, family and emotion.


Gold Coast local Meg is the spirit and talent behind the lens of Love From Luff. Known for engaging, friendly, fun and poignant photographs, Meg is there to capture everything from the wedding dress hung up in all its glory waiting for its big moment with the bride-to-be, the flowers in the bridal suite, the groom carefully putting on his tie with real concentration and the groomsmen relaxing with a beer and some banter before their big wedding entrance. Luff From Luff is available for weddings across Toowoomba and beyond, making our couples very happy!


If you want to highlight the pure joy and levity of a wedding day, Todd Hunter McGaw Photos are a great place to start. Team McGaw, made up of husband and wife Alyda and Todd, think that love is a big deal and should be celebrated with your best friends and family. They are the sort of photographers who get invited into the most beautiful family moments. They mention that one of their favourite wedding photography memories was taking photos of a bride who got married in her grandparents’ garden under the magnolia tree they planted for her the day she was born. Swoon. If you’re interested in getting them to take part in your memories, check out their portfolio for plenty of inspiration.


Seeking out one of Toowoomba’s best photographers? Ivory and Rose Photography could be who you are looking for! Run by Ash, a formally trained photographer, Ivory and Rose Photography know is all about reflecting the pure essence of the couples getting married, whether that’s the glamour of a bride with her bejewelled shoes, gorgeous perfume and beautiful jewellery all lined up next to stunning blooms in the bridal suite, or the couple who love their sweet fur children and want to make sure they have a new family shot including the pooches, Ivory and Rose bring out the best of any wedding day with an edge of chic sophistication.

If you’re looking for more Toowoomba wedding inspiration, check out Wedding Planning Blog


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