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Stunning new lighting installation inside our stables

A Stunning New Lighting Installation Inside Our ‘Stables’

At Gabbinbar Homestead we are continually adding new features throughout the entire estate, this is just one part of the ‘Gabbinbar Experience’. We have become well known for our stunning photo locations and any photographer who has visited Gabbinbar Homestead will tell you it is their dream venue. Our photo locations are classic and timeless so you can capture special moments from your day and cherish them forever. We work with a number of talented local photographers and we are happy to put together a customised list of photographers to suit the style you are after.

We have recently added a new lighting installation inside our stables and we know you will just love it. A collection of pendant lights has been added to the back corner of the stables. An already popular photo location because of the rustic wooden backdrop, the stables is now a favourite for that special night time shot or a moody afternoon moment. The ambient and soft lighting will give your photos an intimate feel and will be a photographer’s dream. Plus, if you are blessed with rain on your wedding day, don’t stress because the stables is the perfect indoor photo location. We have many indoor photo locations to choose from across the estate so you are guaranteed to find a special spot to suit your style.

The stables is just one of 100’s of beautiful photo locations across the entire Gabbinbar Homestead estate. We have the perfect balance of locations for day time shots amongst our lush green gardens and once the sun goes down, Gabbinbar Homestead becomes spectacular by night. There is no need to rush through your photos to capture the afternoon light. Relax, spend time mingling with your guests and soak up the atmosphere. Once the formalities of the evening are over, duck out with your photographer for just one of many beautiful night time shots across the estate. Remember the Gabbinbar Homestead estate is yours for the entire day so treat it just like your home. You can use it all, including the manicured gardens, stables, expansive fields and inside the exquisite Homestead itself.

Photography Credit: Tall Timber Studio


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