Nathan and Jess touching noses

Nathan & Jess

Autumn 2019

Jess and Nathan met through motorbiking friends, but it wasn't love at first sight for this couple! They took their time and became friends first, even though Jess admits she found Nathan good-looking from the start. After a while, those friendly feelings developed into something deeper, as they tend to do, and these two Scorpios ended up love.

After dating for some time Nathan suggested they go on a picnic at the Gold Coast one weekend. Jess thought he was trying to cheer her up because she was having a hard time at work. “It turns out Nathan had organised for our best friends to set up a beautiful picnic at Froggie’s Beach and that is where he proposed. It was such a surprise!” said Jess.

Couple walking in the garden
Couple looking at each other in the garden

Being a super-organised executive assistant, Jess had seen Gabbinbar Homestead on Instagram years before her engagement and knew it would be in the wedding venue mix. “I had seen beautiful pics of Gabbinbar on Instagram and we came up from Brisbane for a viewing and Nathan got on board immediately,” she said. “It rained on our first viewing and then we came back for another viewing, and it rained even more torrentially the second time, but that didn’t stop us! We love the outdoors and I’m the sort of person who loves salty sea air and fresh-cut grass and being under big old trees in nature. What I loved was that Gabbinbar had a wet weather plan where we could still have the outdoor wedding we wanted without stressing.”

On the wedding day, Jess and Nathan woke up to the famous Toowoomba fog and thought that the weather was going to get them again. “I looked outside my hotel room where the day before I could see for miles and all I could see was fog,” Jess said. “But it parted around 9am and we had perfect weather for the rest of the day!”

Bride getting her make-up ready
Bride and groom happily walking at the middle of the crowd
Sweet couple on their wedding day
Happy bride with her bridesmaid
Nathan and Jesss with their entourage
Happy groom with his groomsmen in the garden

The classic wedding had an elegant and minimalistic theme, with the bridesmaids in white, and the flowers and table settings in green and white, with a hint of pink. “We wanted our wedding to be simple and timeless,” Jess explained. “The plan was to look back on it in 20-30 years and still love it all.”

The highlight was the speeches. Jess’ father passed away four years ago and her mum gave an incredibly sentimental speech. “I was just focusing on listening, but I was told after that there wasn’t a dry eye in the house,” Jess recalls. “My step-brother and sister followed up with a fun and hilarious speech that got everyone laughing and brought the mood up again and ready to celebrate. It was perfect.” Then everyone hit the dance floor and the rest was history.

Looking back on such a wonderful event, Jess’s advice to people planning their weddings is simple: don’t get hung up on all the details. “No matter the decision about the car and centerpieces and food choices, it will all be fine,” Jess said. “I was worried about lots of things beforehand and it was all fine. “Our wedding was the best day ever and one of my happiest moments; it was just so much fun. If anything, it wasn’t long enough!”

Wedding guests dancing in the Woods of Gabbinbar
Newly wed couple surrounded by their guests



Dress: Made With Love
Bridesmaid's Dresses: A&N Luxe Label
Groom & Groomsmen: MJ Bale
Cake: Fig & Coconut
Flowers: The Luxe Bloom


Eloise & Isaac
Eloise & Isaac

Eloise & Isaac

Summer 2019

Let’s rewind to 2015 where it all began, Eloise and Isaac met whilst ice skating in Brisbane. Ok, we’ll let Eloise tell the story, “I met a really nice boy called Isaac. He spoke to me for about 20 seconds and in that time, I learnt three things; he was very handsome, single, and was a 'farmer kid’ from Gatton. This appealed to me greatly, particularly because I've watched every season of Farmer Wants a Wife and always dreamt of ending up with a farmer.” Two weeks later, Eloise and Isaac had their first date and that was the beginning of their forever.

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James & Lucinda
James & Lucinda

James & Lucinda

Autumn 2019

James and Lucinda’s story started in Darwin; he was a pilot and she was a nurse. They lived next door to each other but they had never met. That was until their housemates played cupid and provided the important common link, introducing James and Lucinda at a local house party. And the rest, as they say, is history.

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