18 November 2023

Lucas + Kate


Against a backdrop of understated beauty, Lucas and Kate's celebration unfolded, each detail meticulously chosen to evoke an aura of timeless elegance. Soft pastel blooms blended seamlessly with tulle detailing, cream silk and the flicker of candlelight, every element spoke of meticulous attention to detail. 

The Details

A charming, one-story farmhouse with a red roof and a wide porch, framed by hanging branches and potted plants along a gravel path. The garden features a white fountain surrounded by green foliage and flowers, enhancing the serene countryside setting.
A gold-framed landscape painting with "Luca & Kate" inscribed in elegant white script is displayed on a black easel adorned with a white bow. A bouquet of white and blush flowers lies at the base. The scene is set outdoors with greenery and string lights in the background.
A stone statue of a woman in classical attire stands partially obscured by dense green bushes and surrounded by tall trees. In the background, a light-colored building with a porch is visible through the foliage, adding to the serene garden ambiance.
A picturesque outdoor wedding ceremony setup with rows of wooden chairs lined on a grassy aisle, leading to a large, elegant tree at the front. The scene is surrounded by lush greenery and tall trees, creating a serene and natural backdrop.
An outdoor wedding setup with wooden chairs arranged in neat rows on a grassy lawn, facing a tall, majestic tree in the center. The area is surrounded by lush greenery, including trees and bushes, creating a serene and natural ambiance. Flower arrangements line the aisle.
A row of wooden chairs with crossed backs is set up outdoors on a grassy lawn. The chairs are aligned neatly, and the area is decorated with white and green floral arrangements. Trees and a purple-hued sky can be seen in the background, giving a serene atmosphere.
A black and white photograph showing an arrangement of various flowers, including large white dahlias and roses, placed on a patch of grass. The blurred background showcases additional foliage, adding depth to the floral display.
An assortment of delicate, blooming flowers including white and pale peach roses, all captured from a close-up angle. The lush petals and soft hues create a serene and beautiful floral display.
A black and white photograph showing an array of various flowers, including prominent dahlias, surrounded by other smaller blossoms and foliage. The detailed petals and natural arrangement create a delicate and intricate floral display.
An elegant room features a white ceiling with a chandelier, light pink walls, a large framed mirror above a white fireplace, and four ornate chairs with floral cushions arranged around a blue ottoman. Framed art and a green sideboard with white patterns adorn the room.
A framed seating chart with "Be our Guest" written at the top, displayed on an easel in an indoor setting. The chart is divided into sections listing names. The background features an artistic, cloudy sky. There's a table with wrapped items to the left.
A large white bowl filled with individually wrapped cookies in clear cellophane bags, each tied with white ribbon. The wrapped cookies are arranged to overflow from the bowl, with additional wrapped cookies placed in smaller groups below.
A white single-story house with grey roofing and shutters, surrounded by a well-maintained garden. A brick pathway leads to the entrance, which features a grey door with steps. Trees and shrubs adorn the front yard, and neighboring houses are visible in the background.
A cozy living room with white walls and a large window with white shutters. The room features a beige sofa, a white armchair, a glass coffee table with a plant, a fireplace with a mirror above it, and a decorative chandelier on the ceiling.
A pair of polished black dress shoes, a green glass bottle of Ralph Lauren cologne with a silver cap, and a set of silver cufflinks are neatly arranged on a round wooden table. The cufflinks feature a minimalist design with straight edges.
A dark green glass bottle of cologne with a silver cap rests on a dark blue box labeled "Herring" with a gold crest. Beside the cologne, a pair of silver cufflinks shaped like the letter "H" are placed on the box.
A man in a white dress shirt and black pants, with a black bow tie untied around his neck, sits on a beige-striped armchair. He is bending down, tying his shiny black shoes. The room has minimalist decor with a palm tree painting on the wall.
a man getting ready for a wedding tying his bow tie
Four men dressed in white shirts are sitting on a couch, preparing for a formal event. Three of them are tying their shoelaces, while one is adjusting his bow tie and smiling. There is a plant in the background near a window, in a bright room.
A man in formal attire adjusts his bow tie while looking in a white-framed mirror. The reflection shows his focused expression. The background features white walls and a window with blinds, creating a bright and elegant setting.
A man dressed in a formal white shirt with a bow tie sprays cologne on his wrist in a bright room. He stands next to a window with shutters and a blooming white orchid, with a mirror hanging on the wall behind him. Black and white image.
A black and white photo showing three people smiling and standing in front of a couch. The person in the middle is wearing a bow tie and suit, and is flanked by two older individuals, one on each side, each with an arm around the person's shoulders. A chandelier hangs above.
A young man stands by a window adjusting his cufflinks. He is dressed in a white dress shirt, black bow tie, and black pants, looking down with a focused expression. The lighting highlights his attire, casting a soft shadow on his face.
A groom stands in front of a large mirror while three groomsmen help him put on his suit jacket. They are all dressed in formal black suits with bow ties. The room is elegantly decorated with classic wooden furniture, a chandelier, and a leather armchair.
A black-and-white photo features four men dressed in tuxedos. One man is seated in an armchair, looking directly at the camera with a serious expression. The other three men stand behind him, engaged in conversation. They are in a room with shelves filled with books.
Elegant wedding flat lay featuring a pair of white bridal shoes with jewels, a set of wedding rings in a black box, a wedding invitation, a perfume bottle, a pearl-studded clutch, and a bouquet of white flowers. Text on the invitation includes names and wedding details.
A gold wedding ring is placed on a "Save the Date" card. The card, set on a soft, flowing tulle background, announces the wedding of Kate and Lucas on 18 November 2023 at Gabbinbar Homestead, Toowoomba, QLD.
A close-up black and white photograph shows two wedding rings nestled within layers of delicate, translucent tulle fabric. The tulle's soft folds create a dreamy and romantic atmosphere around the shiny rings.
A wedding program styled as a newspaper titled "The Newlywed Post" rests on a veil beside white flowers. The cover features a black-and-white photo of a couple holding hands in front of a house. The headline reads "Welcome to the Wedding of Lucas and Kate.
A woman wearing a white dress sits on a chair in front of a large mirror, while another woman, standing, applies makeup to her face. A white wedding dress hangs on the wall in the background. Various makeup tools are seen in the foreground.
A woman with dark hair in a white dress is having her makeup applied. Another person, partially visible and facing away from the camera, is using a makeup brush to touch up her lips. The scene appears to be indoors in a softly lit room.
A black and white photograph of a person wearing a delicate, strappy dress with ruffled tulle sleeves. The person is holding a champagne flute in their right hand, and their left hand is raised, touching their shoulder. The background is dark and out of focus.
A black-and-white image of a woman with dark hair, looking over her shoulder. She is wearing a thin-strapped top and has a slight smile on her face. The background is blurred, highlighting her sharp profile and elegant posture.
A woman, photographed from behind, stands on a brick pathway surrounded by greenery, holding a flute of champagne. She is wearing an elaborate, flowing white dress with sheer fabric and ruffled details, giving a soft and ethereal appearance.
Black-and-white photo of a woman wearing a sleeveless, ruffled dress, holding a champagne glass between her fingers. Her gaze is downcast, and she has shoulder-length hair styled in loose waves. The background is dark and out of focus, emphasizing her ethereal appearance.
A close-up of a luxurious, vintage-style armchair with beige cushions and wooden frame. A white tulle veil or gown is draped over the chair, with a small pouf of tulle hanging off the arm, adding a soft, elegant touch to the scene. The floor is wooden.
A long, sheer curtain lightly drapes over an ornate, full-length mirror leaning against the wall of a cozy room with a large window. In the background, a cushioned bench with throw pillows sits before the window, casting a soft, inviting ambiance.
A woman in a white wedding dress stands while another woman in a green dress helps adjust the back of her dress. They are in a well-lit room with large windows, a couch with pillows, and a pair of high heels on the floor. The train of the wedding dress cascades behind.
A bride, smiling and looking over her shoulder, stands in a room as another woman helps her with the back of her dress. The bride's gown is elegant with a flowing train. The scene is captured in black and white, adding a timeless quality to the moment.
A black and white photo of a bride being helped by someone to fasten the back of her dress. The bride is wearing a sleeveless gown with an open back, and delicate hands are adjusting the fabric and buttons on her waist. The scene is set in a softly lit room.
a bride on her wedding day being helped into her wedding dress
a bride on her wedding day sitting down in her beautiful dress and putting on her wedding shoes
A black and white photo of a bride in a flowing wedding gown sitting on a couch. She is looking down, hands clasped, with her long dress spread out around her. The couch is adorned with several pillows and a large window is behind her, letting in natural light.
A black and white photo of a bride in a wedding dress with a long veil, seen from the back. She stands in front of a mirror, with two bridesmaids visible in the background. The room has elegant decor with a sofa and draped fabric.
A bride in a white gown and long veil stands gracefully, looking down and gently touching the fabric of her dress. Behind her, two bridesmaids in blush gowns stand, with one visibly pregnant. The room is softly lit, with a large mirror reflecting part of the scene.


An outdoor wedding ceremony with guests seated on both sides of a grassy aisle, adorned with white flowers. The ceremony takes place under a large tree, where a groom and four groomsmen in suits stand at the end of the aisle, waiting.
A man dressed in a black tuxedo with a white pocket square and a black bow tie stands with his hands folded in front of him in an outdoor setting. The background includes lush greenery and some floral arrangements. He has a serious expression on his face.
A bride, dressed in a white wedding gown and holding a bouquet, walks down an outdoor aisle with an older man in a light gray suit. Guests on either side of the aisle watch her, with greenery and trees in the background.
A wedding ceremony is taking place outdoors among tall trees. The couple stands at the altar in front of a large tree, with guests seated on either side. Bridesmaids and groomsmen stand on either side of the couple. The sky is cloudy.
A couple stands before a large tree, exchanging vows in an outdoor wedding ceremony. Guests are seated on wooden chairs arranged in rows on either side of a grassy aisle, witnessing the moment. Bridesmaids and groomsmen stand by their sides. Trees and greenery surround the scene.
A couple stands facing each other at an outdoor wedding ceremony with a lush green garden backdrop. The bride is in a white gown and veil, and the groom is in a black suit. Bridesmaids and groomsmen stand nearby, and a bearded officiant reads from a book.
A close-up of a variety of flowers including white roses, delicate white and pink blooms, and pale blue flowers. The flowers are arranged naturally with green foliage, creating a soft, lush display. The corner of a wooden surface is visible in the top left of the image.
A newlywed couple shares a kiss outdoors, with the groom dipping the bride backwards. They are surrounded by lush greenery and an array of white and pale pink flowers at their feet. The bride's flowing dress and veil contrast with the groom's black suit.
A bride and groom stand embracing in an outdoor setting. The bride wears a flowing white gown with a long veil, and the groom is dressed in a black tuxedo. They are surrounded by floral arrangements and greenery, with a large tree trunk in the background.
A bride in a white dress and a groom in a black tuxedo walk hand in hand down an outdoor aisle as guests throw flower petals. They are both smiling joyfully. Guests are seated on either side, clapping and celebrating. Trees and string lights are visible in the background.
A bride and groom walk hand-in-hand down an outdoor aisle while guests cheer and throw flower petals. The bride is wearing a white wedding dress and holding a bouquet, and the groom is in a dark suit. The scene is set in a garden with trees in the background.
A newlywed couple shares a kiss outdoors in a garden setting with decorated trees in the background. The bride wears a white gown and veil while holding a bouquet of white flowers. Guests are seated and standing around the couple, witnessing the moment.
A wedding ceremony outdoors with a bride in a white dress and veil sitting at a wooden table, and a groom in a black suit sitting next to her. A bearded man is officiating. A bridesmaid in a beige dress stands holding flowers. Trees and greenery are in the background.
A man in a black tuxedo with wavy brown hair is bending over a wooden table, signing a large book. The scene is set outdoors on a grassy area. Another person’s hand and torso are visible next to him, also in a black suit.
A bride wearing a white wedding dress and veil signs a document at a table adorned with flowers while a groom in a suit sits beside her, outdoors.

Garden Party

A group of nine servers, dressed in black uniforms, stand outdoors in a line holding trays with drinks and desserts. Behind them is a garden setting with trees, grass, and a building with a red roof. The atmosphere appears to be festive.
A black and white photo of a bride in a white gown holding her skirt, with bridesmaids behind her holding bouquets. A man in a tuxedo stands nearby. They are outdoors with blurred guests in the background. The ground is scattered with flower petals.
A bride in a white gown and a groom in a black tuxedo walk hand in hand outdoors, followed by bridesmaids in pink dresses holding bouquets. They are surrounded by trees and a gathering of people in the background, all part of a wedding celebration.
Black-and-white photo of a bride, focusing on the back of her wedding dress and veil. The dress features a low back and elegant folds, with the veil cascading down. Other people are slightly visible around her.
A bride in a sleeveless white wedding dress holds a bouquet of white flowers, including tulips, chrysanthemums, and greenery, wrapped with a white ribbon. The bride's long veil flows down her back, and the background features a garden path.
A bride and groom, dressed in wedding attire, enjoy ice cream cones together under a large umbrella. The bride holds a bouquet of flowers, while both take a bite of their ice cream. The scene suggests a casual and joyful moment during their wedding celebration.


A bride and groom walk hand in hand with their wedding party on a lawn. The bride wears a white gown and the groom is in a black tuxedo. Bridesmaids in pink dresses and groomsmen in black suits walk alongside. Trees and a house are visible in the background.
A black and white image shows four people walking together outdoors, dressed formally. The two women in white dresses carry bouquets, and the two men in black tuxedos are smiling and conversing. There's a building with a peaked roof in the background.
Three people in formal attire are holding floral bouquets. The central bouquet features white flowers with greenery, adorned with a white ribbon. The background is out of focus, highlighting the elegant and delicate arrangement of the flowers.
Four men dressed in black tuxedos stand on a lawn with lush greenery and purple flowering trees in the background. They are smiling and standing close to each other, with hands in their pockets or at their sides.
A black and white photo of four women standing in an outdoor garden, dressed in elegant gowns and holding bouquets. They are smiling and looking at each other, with trees and bushes in the background. The woman in the center is wearing a wedding dress with a veil.
Three women in pastel-colored dresses hold bouquets of white flowers with greenery, tied with ribbons. Their faces are not visible, only their torsos and hands are shown. The background is a green, outdoor setting.
A bride and groom walk hand in hand on a grassy field. The bride is wearing a long white gown and holding a bouquet of flowers. The groom is dressed in a black suit and is covering his face with one hand, appearing emotional. Trees and bushes are in the background.
A newly married couple shares a kiss in a garden. The bride wears a white gown and veil, holding a bouquet of white flowers with ribbons, while the groom is dressed in a black suit, holding the bride's bouquet in his left hand. They stand on a well-manicured lawn.
A bride in a white wedding dress holds her skirt as she steps down stone steps, assisted by a groom in a black tuxedo. They are in an outdoor garden with lush greenery and red autumn leaves on a tree in the foreground.
A bride in a white dress and veil sits on steps, smiling, as a groom in a black tuxedo kisses her cheek. Both appear happy and intimate, sharing a tender moment outdoors. The image is in black and white.
Black and white close-up of a couple in an intimate moment, with the person on the left wearing a sleeveless dress and the person on the right in a suit and bow tie. The person on the right gently holds the face of the other, who is wearing a ring. They appear to be about to kiss.
A black-and-white photo of a bride and groom in a garden. The groom, in a dark suit, gently adjusts the bride's hair. The bride, in a white gown with a long veil, looks up at him. Surrounding them are blurred flowers and foliage, with a building faintly visible in the background.
A bride in a white wedding dress and veil sits beside a groom in a black tuxedo, both sitting on the edge of a stone platform in a garden. They are gazing into each other's eyes, surrounded by lush greenery and a neatly manicured lawn.
A newly married couple embraces and shares a kiss in a garden, surrounded by white flowers. The groom is dressed in a black suit and the bride is in a white wedding dress with a veil. They are sitting on a stone path, creating a romantic and intimate atmosphere.
A bride in a flowing gown and veil stands on a gravel path in front of a building with large windows and a garden. She is slightly bent over and looking down. The black-and-white image highlights the elegance and serenity of the moment.
A black-and-white photo of a couple embracing and kissing under a sheer veil. They are close and intimate, with the bride's hand resting on the groom's neck and the groom's hand on the bride's waist. The bride wears a sleeveless dress and veil, and the groom is in a suit.
A couple standing closely in wedding attire, sharing a kiss in front of a lush, green hedge covered with white flowers. The bride wears a flowing white gown and veil, while the groom is in a black suit. They are surrounded by greenery and flowers.
A black-and-white photograph captures a bride and groom sharing an intimate moment outdoors. The bride, wearing a veil and elegant dress, gently touches the groom's face while he holds her waist. They are both smiling and looking into each other's eyes.
Black and white image of a bride wearing a flowing veil and sleeveless wedding dress. The veil covers her head and shoulders, and she looks down, creating an intimate and serene atmosphere.
A black and white photo of a smiling bride with dark hair, wearing a veil and a sleeveless wedding dress. She appears to be outdoors, and the background features blurred lights or reflections.


A beautifully decorated wedding reception venue with a glass ceiling and large windows overlooking a garden. Two long dining tables are adorned with white linens, elegant floral arrangements, and candles. A floral arrangement is centered where the couple will sit.
A beautifully set dining hall with long wooden tables adorned with white tablecloths and elegant table settings. The room features large, glass-paneled windows and a skylight ceiling. A vintage chandelier hangs from the ceiling, and there are floral arrangements in the center.
A beautifully set dining table in an elegant room with large windows and a glass ceiling. The long table features white tablecloths, candles, place settings, and floral centerpieces. Wooden chairs line both sides, creating a refined and festive atmosphere.
An elegant dining setup in a greenhouse with large windows and a glass ceiling. The table is adorned with white linens, floral arrangements, candles, and classic wooden chairs. The backdrop features a lush green garden visible through the windows.
A round layer cake decorated with raspberries and cream sits on an ornate silver cake stand. There's a knife placed on a white tablecloth beside the cake. The background shows a wooden floor and a white door with glass panes.
A black-and-white photo shows a neatly arranged place setting on a table. A napkin with a menu on top is held together by a ribbon labeled "Bride." An empty wine glass and soft shadows from floral decorations are on the table.
A man in a black tuxedo and a woman in a white dress sit at a table, smiling, during an evening event. They are inside a room with a large window and decorative architecture behind them. The table is set with glassware and floral arrangements.
A dimly lit dinner table is set with white tablecloths, several lit candles, drinks with straws, clear glasses, and white flowers in vases. The atmosphere appears intimate and elegant. People are visible in the background, slightly out of focus.
A newlywed couple is captured in a black-and-white photo, sharing a kiss while cutting their wedding cake together. The groom, dressed in a tuxedo, and the bride, in a sleeveless wedding gown, hold the cake knife together.
A black-and-white photo capturing a couple's first dance at their wedding. They are dressed in formal attire, with the bride in a strapless gown and the groom in a suit. They are surrounded by guests watching and standing in a spacious room with a chandelier and a grand piano.
A bride and groom share their first dance in a elegantly decorated room, illuminated by a large chandelier. Guests stand around the room watching the couple. The image captures a timeless and intimate moment of the wedding celebration.
A bride and groom share a dance at their wedding, with the groom dipping the bride under a spotlight. They are surrounded by guests who are watching and smiling. The bride wears a white wedding dress, and the groom is in a dark suit. The room has elegant decor.
A couple is dancing elegantly in a dimly lit room. The woman is wearing a flowing white gown with a low back, and the man is dressed in a dark suit. Other guests are faintly visible in the background, watching the pair as they twirl across the dance floor.
A black-and-white photograph shows a couple sharing an intimate dance, with the woman’s hands around the man's neck and their faces close together. They are surrounded by other people who are also dancing and socializing in the background.
A woman in a white, sequined strapless dress dances joyfully at an indoor event. She is smiling widely and seemingly in motion with one arm extended. Some blurred people are in the background, suggesting movement and lively activity.
A couple dances at a formal event. The man is wearing a black suit and white shirt, and the woman is in a strapless white dress with a long train. They are smiling and enjoying the moment on the dance floor, with a blurred background suggesting movement.
A black and white photo of a person wearing a strapless, glittery dress walking with a long, sparkling fabric trailing behind. Another person dressed in a suit is standing in the background, slightly out of focus. A bright light shines from the upper right.
A black-and-white photo of a couple sitting on a leather couch. The man, in an unbuttoned shirt with an untied bow tie, smiles at the woman sitting on his lap. She, in a short, strapless dress, caresses his face and smiles at him. Bookshelves are visible in the background.
A couple walks together at night. The man, in a semi-formal outfit with an untied bow tie, has his arm around the woman who is wearing a short white dress and heels. The background is blurred, highlighting the couple's warm expressions.