12 August 2020

Plan like you are right here

You've walked through and admired the lush gardens. Sat in the shade of the tennis pavilion whilst being serenaded by the tunes floating across the entirety of the estate. Watched the lights gently draped in the Moreton Bay Figs twinkle and thoroughly explored every room in the homestead. After securing your ideal date you are now full of excitement (and maybe a little trepidation) about designing and planning your dream wedding - so where to start???

an open laptop and phone showing the gabbinbar website booking page

Committed to delivering excellence in every area of your wedding experience from initial planning stages to post wedding item pick-up, Gabbinbar Homestead's virtual wedding planning system 'My Gabbinbar' offers a personalised all-inclusive planning platform. Mobile optimised 'My Gabbinbar' is available to all Gabbinbar Homestead couples and helps you and your fiancé manage all aspects of your wedding. Whether you have chosen Gabbinbar Homestead as your destination wedding venue, have a busy schedule (and need to communicate outside of regular business hours) or are someone who has a love of 'being across all the details' MyGabbinbar allows you and your partner 24/7 access to all your wedding arrangement particulars. To help fully understand what 'MyGabbinbar' offers, let's dive deeper into some of the details and particulars:

Key details

You won't miss a planning meeting or misplace any critical documentation with the 'key details' planning section. Here you will find all your important dates to add to your diary including scheduled planning meetings, menu trials, rehearsal and item drop-offs. You will be provided with a customised seating plan with multiple options allowing you to view different layouts along with all the particulars of your menu trial. While it would be lovely not to have to mention the b-word budget, we know how important it is to keep this area of your planning on track. With a devoted accounts section, you will find your itemised all-inclusive quote along with a record of all payments made.

a happy couple looking into each other's eyes as they embrace on their wedding day

Working together

While some of us love planning others would much prefer to delegate, or at least share some of the load. The 'MyGabbinbar' contacts option allows you to incorporate extra people outside of just the two of you to assist with your planning process. If you have a maid of honour whose helping you stay abreast of all the arrangements, or a family member who's working closely to assist in delivering your dream day, you'll be able to provide them with access to your portal.

Communication is key when planning your wedding

'MyGabbinbar' allows you to have online discussions with our wedding planning team at your convenience. We know that you are busy during the day and most of your connection will be outside work hours. Send us a message on 'MyGabbinbar', and we will respond as soon as possible. With all your communication catalogued in one convenient place, there will be no need to search endlessly through your inbox to find when and who you last chatted to (and what decision you made) about your seating plans or guest numbers.

A couple shares an intimate moment, embraced among lush greenery. The woman, with long blonde hair, gazes lovingly at the man who is wearing a light-colored suit. The foliage surrounds them, creating a serene, romantic atmosphere.

Let's tick that off the list

When you are planning a wedding, there are so many small details which can be overwhelming at times and also easily forgotten. Don't worry, 'MyGabbinbar' includes a helpful and comprehensive list to keep you organised and on track. The checklist covers everything from purchasing your wedding dress, booking your photographer, collecting RSVPs to designing your seating plan. You can customise your checklist as you wish and easily mark jobs as you complete them (we know everyone loves crossing something off their to-do list).

Recommended Vendors

At Gabbinbar Homestead, we appreciate the importance well-chosen vendors play in ensuring your wedding day is the success you intend it to be. Whether recommended professionals or personal acquaintances (you may have an aunt who makes the most fantastic sponge cake or is fabulous with florals), we welcome the opportunity to liaise and work with your chosen vendors. For those couples who are looking for recommendations, we are thrilled to announce the launch of our new online Vendor Directory on 'MyGabbinbar'. This great new feature allows for 'click of a button' access to over 100 vendor recommendations for all categories ranging from photographers and cake makers to accommodation and celebrants. Each profile has been individually curated by 'Gabbinbar trusted' vendors and includes their unique points of difference so you can find a supplier that suits your preferences. So what does it mean to be 'Gabbinbar trusted' exactly? Each vendor that makes it to our recommendation list has had previous experience working here at the homestead and has consistently proven to offer an exceptional product and customer experience to our clients. Each vendor profile contains detailed product and service information, pictures for inspiration and contact details to assist in your wedding planning process. In particular vendor categories, we've also included additional sub-categories to make the search even easier, and of course, our wedding planning team is readily available to assist you with any further enquiries.

Two women, one in a white wedding dress holding a bouquet of flowers and the other in a light purple dress, are standing on a porch. They are smiling and laughing together, with the woman in the purple dress hugging the bride from behind.

Share your Inspiration

A picture paints a thousand words, and to help our wedding planning team bring your wedding themes and ideas to life, upload your wedding inspiration photos to your 'MyGabbinbar' profile. From table styling to floral arrangements, this is where you can communicate your vision and collate your design concepts. Sharing your photos with the wedding planning team is both an enjoyable and creative way to provide a visual guide to assist them in executing your intentions on the day.