17 June 2019

Jaw-dropping & Gorgeous Wedding Flower Ideas

If there’s one thing that can completely transform a space, we’d say it’s flowers. We have watched while our ceremony and reception venues are dressed with an abundance of flowers and completely transformed into our bride and groom’s very own unique wedding venue. The wedding flowers you choose are a key part of achieving the theme and look you are after for your special day. Here are three ‘stop-in-your-tracks’ wedding florals that will get your imagination running wild.

A vibrant floral arrangement featuring red and peach roses, assorted greenery, and other colorful flowers in a black pot sits on a wooden table. To the right, there is a glass box with gold rings inside and a closed book on the table.


We’re sure you would agree that these wedding florals are drop-dead gorgeous. We love how Shaun & Adrienne even filled the fountain in front of Gabbinbar Homestead with flowers. Adding a large floral wreath is an easy way to give your ceremony and reception venue that wow factor. After your ceremony is finished our team of wedding planners will move the wreath to your reception venue, no fuss required.

A beautiful white stone fountain with water flowing over the tiers is adorned with vibrant, fresh flowers in pink, blue, and white. Greenery and a small statue of an angel embellish the top, set against a lush garden backdrop.
Elegant table setting with a centerpiece featuring a mix of vibrant and pastel flowers in a ceramic vase. The table is adorned with white linens, silver cutlery, wine glasses, and a subtle light blue table runner, situated in a bright, airy venue.
A large circular floral arrangement is adorned with vibrant flowers in shades of pink, red, white, blue, and green foliage. It stands in front of French doors with glass panels, allowing a view of a lush garden outside. At the center, a small vase with pink flowers is displayed.
Three women wearing light blue dresses, with the central figure in a white gown, stand smiling and holding large, colorful bouquets of roses and other flowers. They are in front of a wooden wall, creating a rustic backdrop. Two of the women have flowers in their hair.
A well-lit, elegant wedding venue with two long dining tables adorned with colorful floral centerpieces, glassware, and place settings. The tables are aligned parallel under a glass ceiling, leading to a large floral arch at the end of the room.
A bride and groom stand in front of a large arch adorned with colorful flowers. The groom, in a navy suit and white bow tie, gazes at the bride, who wears a lace wedding dress and holds a vibrant bouquet. They stand close, nearly touching foreheads.


Having an Autumn wedding? These rich, red florals ooze the Autumn charm you are looking for. Not to mention they will tone beautifully with the natural red, orange and yellow tones of Gabbinbar Homestead’s garden in Autumn. We particularly love the combination of these florals with the warm candlelight lining the tables, it’s rather romantic don’t you think?

A white, semi-naked wedding cake adorned with red, pink, and white flowers and a "Mr & Mrs" topper stands on a wooden table. The cake features a caramel drip design. In the background, lit candles and a lush greenery garland decorate the windowed wall.
A vibrant bouquet of flowers featuring pink roses, red dahlias, and mixed greenery in a dark vase is placed on a wooden table. Beside the vase is a glass box with gold edges containing a pink and red notebook or card, and a closed dark blue book.
A vibrant bouquet featuring red peonies, pink orchids, and various other colorful flowers and greenery, set against a weathered wooden surface. The arrangement includes different textures and shades, creating a rich and rustic aesthetic.
A rustic ornate chair with a red cushioned seat and backrest is centered in front of dark shutters. On the seat, a vibrant bouquet of flowers, including red and pink blooms, green foliage, and white accents, is on display. The chair sits on a wooden deck.
A beautifully set wooden table adorned with a lush floral arrangement featuring pink roses and various greenery. A neatly folded white napkin holds a navy menu card. Nearby are a wine glass, fork, and butter knife, creating an elegant dining setup.


Do not underestimate the beauty of classic whites combined with luscious greens. The mix of textures in these wedding florals is the epitome of understated elegance. Suspending floral arrangements from our ‘Conservatory’ ceiling gives your styling a whole new dimension and we can guarantee your guests probably won’t stop talking about it.

A beautifully decorated banquet hall with a glass ceiling, featuring long, parallel wooden tables adorned with white tablecloths, green and white floral arrangements, and candle holders. The hall is filled with natural light, creating an elegant and airy ambiance.
A beautifully arranged table setting with wicker placemats, white plates, silver cutlery, and green-themed menus. White flowers and greenery are used as centerpieces, and a white candle on a rustic holder adds elegance to the table.
A joyful bride and groom walk down the aisle outdoors, smiling and holding hands as guests throw flower petals over them. The bride holds a large bouquet of white flowers, while the groom wears a black suit and bow tie. Trees and decorations can be seen in the background.
A beautifully set long dining table is adorned with white linens, greenery, white flowers, and candles. Wooden chairs surround the table in a bright room with large windows and ample natural light. Lush plants hang from the ceiling, enhancing the elegant atmosphere.
A decorative chandelier is viewed from below, adorned with lush green foliage and leaves. The chandelier hangs from a white ceiling with grid-like square panels. Light filters softly through the ceiling panels, illuminating the greenery.
A decorated table with two floral arrangements of white flowers and greenery. There are candles, a small notebook, and a large card that reads, "Thanks! To our beautiful family and friends, we are so grateful you made the trip up to Toowoomba to share this very special day with us! Margie & Rob.

One of the advantages of hosting your wedding at Gabbinbar Homestead is that each ceremony and reception venue is classic and simply beautiful. This essentially leaves you with a blank canvas to inject your own style and individuality into your wedding. Don’t get overwhelmed by the choice of wedding florists available today, the wedding planning team at Gabbinbar Homestead can create a customized list of florists which we trust to achieve the style you’re looking for.