13 August 2019

Here Are Three Colour Schemes for a Summer Wedding

Are you planning a summer wedding? One of our favourite things about summer weddings is you can pick the crème da la crème of flowers. With so many flowers in season during summer, you can really push the boundaries when it comes to what florals you use to create your wedding theme. Here are three colour schemes we think are perfect for your summer nuptials.

Four women in dark dresses hold bouquets of flowers, including white orchids, pink roses, and dried foliage. The image focuses on the floral arrangements and the upper bodies of the individuals, with a blurred background.


This is the perfect colour scheme to create a relaxed summer vibe on your wedding day. The pretty pinks provide that subtle pop of colour and the beautiful soft textures of the Australian natives make this theme one of our favs for a summer wedding. We love how this couple have gone with a modern take on the summer wedding theme by combining their textured flower arrangements with crisp white table cloths and a paired back approach to their table styling… simply stunning!

A bride and groom in wedding attire hold ice cream cones and playfully feed each other. They stand outdoors with trees in the background. The bride holds a colorful bouquet with pink and green flowers and smiles at the groom. Both appear joyful and relaxed.
A beautifully decorated event venue with long dining tables adorned with floral centerpieces featuring pink and red flowers, candles, and elegant tableware. Wooden chairs are neatly arranged along the tables against a backdrop of large windows.
A vibrant floral bouquet featuring a mix of pink peonies, white lisianthus, and various greenery, including eucalyptus leaves and thistle stems. The background is softly blurred, drawing attention to the detailed textures and colors of the flowers.


Summer wedding themes don’t always have to be overloaded with colour. Muted tones such as soft apricots, delicate pinks and crisp whites just ooze elegance and are a stellar combination if you’re looking to create an elegant summer wedding. Kudos to this bride for being brave and opting for no greenery in her floral arrangements. How good do those bouquets look sprinkled with shimmering silver foliage?

Four people in black dresses stand closely together, each holding a bouquet of flowers. The bouquets feature a mix of white, pink, and peach-colored blossoms, along with various greenery and dried elements. Their heads are not visible in the image.
A bride in a white, backless wedding dress is holding a large bouquet of pink and peach roses with greenery. The scene is set outdoors with blurred trees in the background.


Ok, so we can’t finish this article without having a little fun with some colour. These popping candy tones just make us want to party the night away. Purples, pinks, and oranges, you name it just get in there and push the boundaries with colour – you won’t regret it! Add some candlelight and beautiful brass cutlery and you are left with a gorgeous summer fiesta themed wedding.

A beautifully decorated dining table set for a wedding or festive event, adorned with vibrant floral arrangements in rustic vases, lit candles, elegant glassware, and gold utensils. The table is draped with white linen and teal-colored napkins.
Five women stand outdoors in a garden area, smiling and holding vibrant flower bouquets. The central woman, wearing a white dress, is surrounded by the others in colorful dresses. The background features lush greenery.
A table setting featuring a centerpiece with vibrant flowers in an amber bottle, surrounded by empty wine glasses, a water glass, and gold utensils on a white tablecloth. The flowers include shades of orange, pink, and yellow, alongside green foliage.
A beautifully set table with a floral centerpiece featuring pink and purple flowers in a gold vase. The table is set with wine glasses, water glasses, gold cutlery, and a menu card. The background has more tables with similar decorations.