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Today’s take on the traditional bridal table


Organising the seating plan for your wedding can cause a great deal of angst amongst some brides due to the endless seating options available. More and more we are seeing brides move away from the traditional bridal table and opting for creative alternatives to suit their style and wedding guests. Our team of talented wedding planners can help you navigate the sometimes-daunting process of designing a seating plan. We can help you create a seating plan which suits the reception venue you have chosen from the many spaces available here at Gabbinbar Homestead.

Keeping it traditional.
Traditionally, the bridal table faces your wedding guests and is comprised of the bride and groom, both sets of parents plus your best man and maid of honour. We love this layout because it ensures that everyone gets a glimpse of the happy couple. Many newlywed couples find sitting at their bridal table a very special moment; they are overwhelmed with how lucky they are to be surrounded by their beautiful family and friends.

Create special moments with your new husband at your sweetheart table.
The sweetheart table is a special place for you and husband to sit together. Your wedding day will be filled with all of your friends and family but sometimes it’s nice to catch your breath and have some time for just you and your new husband to enjoy. Plus, there’s no risk of people feeling excluded and your bridal party can sit amongst the wedding guests alongside their loved ones.

Celebrating your wedding day surrounded by your friends and family.
An increasingly popular trend which we are seeing more and more of at Gabbinbar Homestead is the bride and groom sitting amongst their wedding guests and opting for no bridal table whatsoever. After all, you have invited your friends and family to celebrate your special day so why not be right in the thick of it and celebrate alongside them. This option is also ideal if you have a small bridal party as it allows your bridal party to be seated alongside their partners.

Smashing the tradition with musical chairs.
This seating arrangement would have to be almost the complete opposite to the traditional bridal table we have come to know over the years. Why not place a couple of extra seats amongst your wedding guests and enjoy each course with a different table? This plan suits the ultimate socialbutterfly, and allows you to continually mingle with your guests; a little bit like musical chairs.

Remember there is no seating plan which is right or wrong. We recommend selecting an arrangement which will make you and those around you happy, whatever that may be.


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