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7 Beautiful Bride Hair Styles For Your Wedding Day

To help you decide on the perfect wedding day hairstyle and the perfect stylist to bring your vision to life we’ve composed this inclusive guide packed full of expert tips.

Finding yourself inspired by modern, minimalist or bohemian weddings? Or do you consider yourself more of a traditionalist? The exciting news is that no matter what style you are most drawn to, you’ll be spoilt for choice when deciding on your wedding day hair style.

So I'm wondering, how bold can I be with my wedding day hairstyle??

With the changing landscape that this past year has provided and the numerous opportunities afforded to re-design what your ideal wedding day will look like, brides are relishing the opportunity to throw the rule book out the window and let their unique personal panache dictate their wedding day hairstyle choice.

Your wedding day is an extension of who you are and what you love (as already shown in your dress, venue, stationery, cake and floral decisions) so it makes sense that your wedding day hairstyle choice should be a natural continuation of this expression.

Whether you're searching for wedding hairstyles for short hair, wedding hairstyles for medium length hair or wedding hairstyles for long hair we’ve got you covered with our extensive selection of swoon-worthy hair inspiration.

With that in mind here are this seasons key looks...

This season the much-coveted looks of relaxed updos, braids, textured ponytails and soft glam waves continue to feature heavily, with brides taking these popular trends and confidently making them their own with a customised approach or personalised accessories.

With talented wedding day hair stylists coming along for the journey and playing a pivotal role and working their creative magic, they are bringing to life new and exciting looks ranging from relaxed and romantic to straight and structured. To help you decide on the perfect hairstyle for you and the perfect stylist to bring your vision to life we’ve composed this inclusive guide with lots of expert tips.

So how do I decide on what style will suit me??

When choosing your wedding hairstyle factors like hair type, hair length, and face shape will help steer you towards your dream wedding hair, but ultimately aim to choose something that complements the style and silhouette of your wedding dress. Factors such as the fabric of your dress need consideration - if your gown is covered in beads or sequins having your hair down may lead to annoying entanglements all day long. Choosing a style that will harmonise and not compete with the neckline of your dress is also essential - for example, if your dress has a high neckline try sweeping hair up to create an illusion of added neck length.

I'm feeling a little overwhelmed, where should I start?

Remain authentic! Ask yourself questions like:

How do I usually enjoy wearing my hair?

If you are someone who feels restrained by having their hair tied up, then an updo or high set bun may not be for you. If you typically like your hair tied back and out of your face then steer away from more whimsical styles that have flowing tendrils or bridal waves.

To avoid touching your hair frequently or feel overly aware of it on the day (you'll be surprised how many photos you end up with where you are tucking unwanted curls behind your ears), choose a style that you not only love in theory but also will love practically.

What is my hairs' best features?

Is your hair fabulously curly, long and thick, or short and wavy? Whatever the case, choose a style that complements your hair's best qualities. While you may love the idea of large flowing voluminous curls, if your hair is thin and whispy then a swept up hairstyle or chignon with an ornate floral hairpiece may be better suited. Or you may need to look at investing in some stunning halo hair extensions for the luscious wedding day locks you've been dreaming of.

No matter what your hair type, with the myriad of gorgeous options available and the creative stylists who can bring them to life, you won't have to feel you've compromised or settled for less on your wedding day.

Who will I get to do my hair, and how will that affect my choice?

Where you get married and who you use to style your hair may play a role in deciding what style you choose. You may be inclined to try a more elaborate style if you are using a stylist that you can coordinate a hair trial with beforehand, being confident they have captured and can deliver on your vision.

If you are having a destination wedding and won't know the stylist or be able to organise a trial, consider choosing something simple like a blow wave, loose curls or low-set bun. If travelling abroad or to another climate also think about what impact it will have on your hair. Will the air be dry or humid? If it is a beach wedding, will your hair stand up to a little extra wind?

Love this look, but can I achieve it?

With all the beautiful and varied choices available, be sure to choose several 'looks' that you love to take to your stylist for discussion. Armed with your Pinterest boards and Insta screenshots compose a vision board and workshop with your stylist which style will be best suited to you. Browse your stylists' social media platforms beforehand to find designs they have created for previous brides and discuss ways to make it work for you. Remember to mention any accessories you wish to incorporate or if you are planning on wearing a veil so they can include the right amount of mounting support into your style.

Insider Tip: Ideally try and coordinate your hair trial with your makeup trial so you can feel confident in 'the completed look' that will be created for you on your wedding day.

By now you are probably wondering how to choose your stylist??

With an abundance of experienced and creative stylists here in Queensland we are most definitely spoilt for choice - so how then, do you select the perfect stylist for you?

To help you know how to make the decision we have chatted with Award Winning Sunshine Coast based stylist Evalyn Parsons and shared her top 5 recommendations for finding the perfect fit for your wedding day hairstyle and wedding day hairstyles for bridesmaids:

1. Finding your stylist

We are fortunate to have many social media platforms where wedding suppliers can display real time images of their work. Accomplished stylists will post on their Instagram account nearly every day, showing their potential brides the look and quality of styling that they create.

Find a hair stylist that you like the look of and that has a similar style to you and then contact them to check their availability. Here at Evalyn Parsons we can book out up to 2 years in advance so allow plenty of time before your wedding to select a stylist, ideally 12 - 18 months. If there’s someone you have had your eye on, book them as soon as you know your wedding date to avoid missing out.

2. The hair trial (and why it's so important)

At Evalyn Parsons a free trial is included in all of our packages and gives the bride an opportunity to see what their hair will look like on their wedding day - regardless of your choice of stylist it is a necessity that you have a trial.

At the trial your stylist will spend time with you creating a style that you love, working through your ideas and any accessories that you have. Your stylist will also take photos of the finished style and bring them along on the wedding day so that you have the opportunity to fine tune and make any changes you would like to your hair.

We recommend selecting a hairstyle that works with all the other elements of your wedding (dress, flowers etc). Don’t look for one picture that is your perfect hairstyle but rather look for elements of a style that you like (e.g. part line, amount of volume, waves etc). Come to the trial with an open mind and let your stylist talk through your ideas and your perfect style will develop form there.

Be prepared that you may need clip-in hair extensions or hair padding to create the extra volume and length required for your chosen style, even if you are going to wear your hair up. Ensure your stylist has a selection of hair extensions and paddings that brides can use when they come in for their trial, and that they can also colour match and source these for you if required.

3. Make sure your stylist is experienced

This is especially important! Stylists on the team need to be hand picked by the owner or styling director,be extensively trained and have worked closely with the director before being personally entrusted with brides. Your stylist will need strong styling skills, creativity (something that Evalyn is always looking for), a passion for their craft and also great people skills. The team needs to genuinely care about each bride and their wedding day and it is important that each member has the same care and passion for what they do.

4. Your hair health

If you're still a few months out and think your hair is looking a little flat and dull, book in to your hairdresser for regular treatments to improve the overall health and look of your hair. Try not to heat style too much in the lead up to the wedding and just focus on hair treatments. It’s also very important to have your hair colour maintained and cut every 6 weeks to ensure that it is it’s optimal colour and length for your wedding day.

5. On the wedding day

Your stylist will give you some instructions for hair preparation for the day of your wedding - these are so important to follow and will ensure faultless hair styling.The bride and their bridal party should have their hair clean and dry - washed that morning is optimal. That way their hair is in the perfect condition to be styled and the finished product will look amazing!

Now you've picked your stylist here are the looks we are loving:

This season as brides juggle changing wedding numbers and wedding day formats, bridal hair is one area where you can be confident that there are no restrictions or limitations!! With brides embracing their individual style, hairstylists are coming up with innovative updates on traditional techniques and focusing on creating romantic looks with movement and texture.

1. Braids...not just for Boho brides

Such a versatile style, braids come in all shapes and sizes, from loosely braided crowns to french braids flowing to the side to low-set up do's incorporating braided detailing. Curly hair, straight hair, short hair or long hair, the adaptability of this style ensures that whether you are chasing a modern or more romantic look your stylist will be able to craft something to your specifications. Combine a dutch side braid with textured waves for a boho feel, a soft braid cascading into your chignon for a romantic feel or a bridal classic, the simple braided headband or braided halo for a sweet and relaxed feel.Insider Tip: For your braids to really shine, you will need dimension in your hair colour. If your hair is a solid colour, consider having your stylist add some highlights a few shades lighter.

2. Low Set Textured Ponytail for those with long locks

Perfect for accessorising, this practical yet glamorous hairstyle is a favourite with brides. Textured ponytails feature soft volume at the crown with the ponytail gathered just above the nape of the neck. Having your hair elegantly tied back will allow the features of your dress such as beaded lace straps, dramatic necklines or intricate applique or embellishments to take centre stage. If choosing a veil, it is crucial to select a smaller comb as opposed to a broader comb to avoid overwhelming or dwarfing the ponytail. For an extra boost of volume and to deliver a fuller look consider clip-in extensions.

3. Straight and Sleek for the modern bride

This style is modern chic at its best and exudes confidence. Perfectly accompanying minimalist gowns or gowns with one extravagant detail (think oversized bow, plunging neckline or structured sleeves) choose one simple accessory at most so as not to overcomplicate the look. This style is an excellent option for brides who don't want waves or whose hair will struggle to hold curls, chat to your stylist about having your hair in peak condition and remember to consider what the temperature or humidity will be like at your wedding. If pairing with a voluminous veil your hairstylist will have to ensure they create a good foundation to mount it on, so be prepared for lots of hairpins!!

4.Textured lowset Updo's with delicate tendrils for a look that oozes romance

Effortless elegance combined with romantic runaway tendrils best describes this decidedly feminine look. With the loose tendrils framing your face you can style your updo with a lightly tied ribbon for some Parisian flair, incorporate braids for a boho vibe, or choose twists in addition to a full bun gathered at the nape of the neck. To elevate the look team it with an accessory such as floral hairpins - the pins can be styled in a row to create a floral cluster at the top of the updo or, for a more whimsical look, irregularly scatter them to the side of your bun. This stunning style ensures your hair won't be competing for attention if your dress has a plunging backline or intricate back detailing. If you do have braids, accessorise with a sheer or minimalist veil to avoid covering them up. Have your veil positioned just above the bun and choose a smaller comb to prevent extra bulk.

Insider Tip: If you have an outdoor summer wedding, you may want to give extra thought as to how much hair you want to have flowing around your face throughout the day.

5. Luxurious flowing bridal waves

For brides who don't want to restrain their luxurious locks opt for large sculptured waves that flow freely. Paired with a centre part to create some old world hollywood glamour, this hairstyle will suit nearly all bodices and gown silhouettes. The allure of this hairstyle is its versatility, tighten the curls for a more intentional feel or have them slightly more tousled, styled with a flower crown, for a beachy-boho vibe. Keep accessory choices delicate and straightforward, so they won't overwhelm or compete with your gorgeous tousled waves - for larger sculptured waves pair with a small side comb or delicate tiara. When choosing a veil, consider its weight, making sure it won't burden or flatten your curls.

6. Elevate your look with captivating accessories

Here's your chance to make a statement or add that bespoke 'finishing touch' to your wedding hair. With so many ways to inject your own personal style, beautiful accessories are featuring prominently in bridal hair all across the country. Bejewelled or pearl headbands, set high with a defined curve, are gracing the crowns of brides with sleek and straight hairstyles. Feminine and whimsical floral hairpins with exquisite detailing are being woven into loose hair or spaced closely in a row along the side or curve of updos. While silk or velvet ribbon bows are proving popular alongside fresh florals which continue to be woven into crown braids and dutch braids.

Insider Tip: Don't let your accessories be an afterthought. Carefully plan their inclusion with your stylist to ensure they harmonise with your chosen hairstyle.

7. Don't make your veil an afterthought

Wedding hairstyles with veils continue to grace the aisle and while there are no set rules around having to choose your hairstyle or your veil first, what is certain is that whatever decision you make first will heavily impact upon the second. Veils come in a variety of lengths, widths and styles ranging from sheer and lightweight to weightier embellished or appliqued versions. If wearing a veil, you will need to choose a hairstyle that has a supportive base that it can be mounted on, such as a bridal bun, messy updo, textured ponytail or half-up or half-down. The longer and heavier the veil, the more support you will need to build into your hairstyle. Bear in mind, where you intend to mount your veil will also affect its length, if a high-bun, your veil will fall shorter. If a textured lowset ponytail, your veil will be longer.

Insider Tip: Don't want to hide your beautiful ‘do’ beneath a veil? Consider mounting it underneath your bun or chignon for a contemporary take.

Now to the all important pre-wedding prep:

As with every step of your wedding planning, thorough organisation and preparation is key. Just as important as choosing your hairstyle is preparing your hair for the morning of your wedding and feeling confident in your pre-wedding booking process. To assist in planning we’ve sourced some professional advice from the talented Toowoomba based wedding hair stylist Sarah Courtney, owner of ‘The Hair Artist Collective.’ Alongside her tips on ‘How to prepare your hair for your wedding day’ Sarah has curated a thorough step-by-step plan to help you easily plan, organise and book your services with your stylist in preparation for your special day.

Your wedding hair plan, the do's and don'ts

12 Months from your wedding date
  1. Book your hairstylist for your wedding day. Ensure you read all terms and conditions.
  2. Book a hair trial, so you can try to coordinate with a function you are going to (if you wish). Recommended 1-2 months out from your wedding day as hair will be close to the length it will be on your wedding day. If you would like a Saturday appointemnt book this 12 months in advance.
  3. Look at booking colour appointments to coordinate with events and wedding day. Count back from a week before your day then every 6-8 weeks per appointment. Look at 12 months of appointments if you are looking for colour change and 6 months of appointments if maintaining colour and minimal adjustments.
  4. Start a Pinterest board of inspiration. Look at what you like and don't like as well as styles for yourself and bridesmaid.
6 Months from your wedding date
  1. Confirm numbers for hair and make up for the day with your stylist.
  2. Make sure all your hair colour appointments are booked.
  3. Ensure you are using appropriate salon-quality hair care to have your hair in the optimum condition. Look at shampoo, conditioner, treatment and leave-in moisturiser as your must-haves. If you are using irons or blow-drying regularly also consider a heat protectant.
  4. Do weekly treatments leading up to your trial and wedding day. This will close the cuticle (outside layer of the hair) and make your hair shiny and easier to manage. If you are worried treatments are too heavy, talk with your stylist.
  5. Attend your trial- Wash your hair the day prior to the trial, so it can settle with some natural oil but not be too dirty. Your stylist will then prepare hair using specific products to limit fuzziness. A trial usually is one style with variations (plenty of variations if needed) made to it. If you would like to try more than one style, it may cost more, but that is always specified.
  6. If you're looking to have hair extensions talk to your stylist. I recommend clip-in extensions as they are less maintenance and when we do wedding hair we can position them where we need them on the day. You don't always need a full set either. You do need to look at the colours and colour match around two months before to ensure they arrive and if required colour can be done easily.
A month from your wedding date
  1. Confirm start times for hair and makeup
  2. Ensure final payments have been made to your stylist
  3. Attend final colour appointment one week prior
  4. Prepare your hair the night before. Wash your hair the day before the day, so it can settle with some natural oil but not be too dirty. Your stylist will then prepare the hair using specific products so as to limit fuzziness and give fullness to the hair.
  5. Ensure all your bridesmaids and guests know how to prepare their hair and what time to arrive in the morning
Now the much awaited day is finally here: things your hairstylist will consider when organising the morning of your wedding

This part is especially important as when you book your stylist you are choosing who you start your day with and how you want to start your day. You want to ensure you start on the right note and have a relaxed and enjoyable experience. Your stylist will need to consider:

  1. Your ceremony time 2.The arrival time of your photographer and videographer
  2. The type and style of getting ready photos you would like captured4. What extra time will need to be allowed for interruptions
  3. Creating a schedule that will allow time to leisurely eat and relax prior to your photos (you will want to allow ample time to enjoy these moments).

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