Benjamin & Philipa

Autumn 2018

Celebrating alongside 148 friends and family, Benjamin and Philippa created a warm, genuine and relaxed wedding at Gabbinbar Homestead. Hosting their ceremony in ‘The Pavilion’ and the reception in the ‘Conservatory’, Benjamin and Philippa’s priority was to create an atmosphere where people could really enjoy themselves while catching up with friends, family and meeting new people.

It all started when Ben secretly planned the proposal for the night before their month-long holiday throughout Europe. Whilst enjoying a glass of wine in their backyard to celebrate their impending holiday, Benjamin dropped down on one knee and asked Philippa to marry him. Philippa can usually read Benjamin like a book, so she was caught by complete surprise when she saw Benjamin on one knee. Benjamin managed to plan the whole thing and even buy a ring without Philippa suspecting a thing.

Once returning from their European holiday Benjamin and Philippa set out to find their dream wedding venue. As soon as they drove through the front gates of Gabbinbar Homestead they immediately fell in love. The hospitality and professionalism of the staff blew them away and they knew they wouldn't have to worry about a thing on the day of their wedding. The speeches were their favourite part of their day plus, Benjamin even wrote Philippa a song and organised for the lyrics to be handed out to all their guests. Precious moments were certainly created in our ‘Conservatory’ that night and we’re sure Philippa and Benjamin will hold these memories close to their hearts for years to come.

Now happily married, Benjamin and Philippa had some helpful advice for other couples. “Always keep coming back to what the purpose of the day is about to avoid getting caught up in unnecessary planning and stress. Talk early on and decide what the three most important elements of the day are for both of you, and then don't fret over the other details. Also, ask your celebrant to tell you to take a good look around and notice all of your guests during the ceremony - this was the best advice we got from some of our friends.”


Raconteur Photography


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