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Welcome to the official online home of the magnificent Gabbinbar Homestead.

We have a lot to tell you about our beautiful venue, but before we begin let us assure you that our passion at Gabbinbar Homestead is to provide an unparalleled wedding day.

Put simply, we guarantee "The Gabbinbar Experience".

Exclusivity, attention to detail, flexibility, individuality and exceptional service.

When you choose Gabbinbar Homestead for your special day our estate becomes your home.

That means you and your bridesmaids can get ready in the Bride's Retreat while our wedding planning team sets everything up, including the placement of your decorations.

You can hold your ceremony and photos at any location in our lovely gardens and then enter our spectacular Conservatory for the reception before you dance under chandeliers in the Ballroom.


The Gabbinbar experience

At Gabbinbar Homestead we are famous for "The Gabbinbar Experience".

We provide a historic estate that is exclusively yours on the day of your wedding.

We deliver unparalled attention to detail so that you can relax with confidence.

We offer flexibility so your wedding can be unique and we guarantee exceptional service for you and your guests.

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Your home for the day






When you choose Gabbinbar Homestead for your wedding our secluded estate becomes your home for the day.

Gabbinbar Homestead is completely hidden from the outside, so once you enter our lovely gates, you and your guests will experience a different world that exudes charm from a bygone era.

Our commitment to only hosting one wedding per day means that the entire team is focused on making your wedding special. This includes our wedding planning team, chefs, front of house team and gardening team who all work together to ensure an exclusive experience.

Daniel + Laura

"...There are not enough words to describe how amazing my wedding day was because it was at Gabbinbar Homestead. Everything was perfect, from the amazing food, the extraordinary planning service, down to the waiter who managed to find us all around the grounds while we had our photos taken. Exceptional!..."

Daniel + Laura  —  May 2015

Attention to detail

Our proven attention to detail means you can relax with confidence.

Our wedding planning team will help you plan your wedding, co-ordinate your rehearsal and be your assistant on the day making sure everything at Gabbinbar goes perfectly to plan.

Luke + Ailsa

"...You made everything so easy as well as beautiful and ensured smooth running. Thank you for your attention to detail and for being a pleasure to work with. ..."

Luke + Ailsa  —  May 2014

Flexibility & Individuality

We want every bride to have a unique and memorable experience on their special day and at Gabbinbar we encourage creativity and individuality.

Gabbinbar Homestead can be used in hundreds of different ways and our wedding planning team has the experience to assist you with all the special touches - from flowers to fireworks!

Our aim is to offer a high level of flexibility and customisation. We have very few venue "rules" and we love it when brides incorporate personal touches and unique styling.

Richard + Alysha

"...The flexible packages & the assistance we received allowed us to customise our day so that it was exactly what we dreamed of ..."

Richard + Alysha   —  Dec 2014

Exceptional service

At Gabbinbar we guarantee exceptional service.

We value timely communication in the planning stages of your wedding and deliver helpful service with a smile on the day.

During peak service times we provide one waiter for every 10 guests (2-3 times the industry average), which means we guarantee attentive drinks service at all times.

Andrew, Father Of The Groom

"...We are so impressed at the outstanding service, attentiveness, exquisite cuisine and genuine happy demeanour of your staff that we experienced. Honestly you were faultless and a testament to your commitment to true service. ..."

Andrew, Father Of The Groom  —  Dec 2014



Gabbinbar Homestead was first established in 1863.

Initially built by Reverend Nelson, Gabbinbar passed to his son Sir Hugh Nelson, Premier of Queensland (1893-1898), and for many years afterwards served as the summer resort for Queensland's Governors.

Located on 25 acres adjacent to Toowoomba's escarpment, Gabbinbar Homestead still exudes a charm from a bygone era.

'Gabbinbar' is an aboriginal word meaning 'peaceful place'.


The gardens are full of magnificent trees.

Secluded and hidden from outside view when you pass through the entry gates and follow the winding, pebbled drive through an avenue of trees. Photographic opportunities are endless as you stroll through the grounds and your guests will be delighted with the setting and surroundings.

Bride's Retreat

The Bride's Retreat is a special section of the Homestead that can be used by the bride and bridesmaids to get ready including hair and makeup. After photos, the Bride's Retreat is a great place for the bridal party to 'freshen-up' before the reception.

The Bride's Retreat features fine furnishings including a Victorian-era chaise, full length mirror, salon-style makeup and hair consoles, French provincial furniture, iPod dock, perfume, chocolates, complimentary sparkling wine and a beautifully appointed ensuite with bath & shower.


There are dozens of beautiful places in the gardens for an outdoor ceremony including our new outdoor Pavilion. Our Ballroom with its gold-leaf trim also provides a perfect option in case of poor weather.

There is no additional venue hire fee for an onsite ceremony; however, if additional outdoor equipment for a ceremony is required we can arrange to hire this on your behalf.

Photo Locations

Gabbinbar is a photographer's dream - both inside and outside the Homestead. Filtered sunlight spills through our many large trees which tower over the extensive gardens, rustic stables and old school house.

While you are having photos on site, your guests will enjoy exploring the Homestead and gardens, playing croquet and tennis or simply enjoying drinks and fine food.


The 'Conservatory' with its spectacular glass ceiling welcomes warm sunsets at dusk and is designed to reflect candlelight at night like a mirror.

The Conservatory can cater for small and large receptions, with either banquet or round tables. Featuring five sets of double french doors that open out onto the hedged southern terrace with views of silky oak trees and large clusters of bamboo, the reception area is extended to bring the outdoors in.




Spring is a delight at Gabbinbar Homestead. The magnificent gardens are full of fresh flowers; the sunlight is soft and warm as the birds sing endlessly.

This time of year is perfect to be in the gardens where your guests will enjoy exploring the stables, playing croquet or simply enjoying cool drinks and spring inspired canapés.


Summer at Gabbinbar is simply wonderful.  If you love lots of purple and white flowers, Pimms punch and lots of daylight, then this is the season for you!

There are many beautiful places in the gardens for an outdoor ceremony including under the shade of our grand fig tree. The air-conditioned Conservatory with its open feel is perfect for receptions.


Autumn at Gabbinbar is filled with gold, red and amber tones. 

The leaves on our liquid amber tree begin to deepen into gorgeous orange colour, then romantically falls to the ground, while our stunning Tibouchina trees are covered in purple flowers.

On the off chance of cool weather, the open fireplaces are lit indoors; but typically, the weather will be mild through until the evening.


Winter at Gabbinbar Homestead is cosy with soft and intimate lighting, while ambient fireplaces warm the front sitting rooms. The afternoons fade into crisp starlit nights while you and your guests stay warm inside the Homestead for the reception.  

Our Ballroom with its gold-leaf trim provides a perfect indoor option for your ceremony in case of very cold weather, but typically sunny spots in the gardens are still the preferred option to exchange vows.

During winter, the gardens are surprisingly colourful with flowering camellias and hundreds of vibrant Red-Hot Polkas.

Our team

"Committed to excellence"

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    Head Wedding Planner
  • Rick


    Executive Chef
  • James


    Head Gardener
  • Hannah


    Wedding Planner
  • Quentin


    Head Chef
  • Ezra


  • Elizabeth


    Wedding Planner
  • Andrea


    Sous Chef
  • Estelle


  • Kali


    Wedding Planner
  • Joel


    Front of House Manager
  • Josh


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  • You


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Wedding Packages

At Gabbinbar Homestead, we host weddings from all across Australia and our dedicated team are committed to providing an exceptional wedding experience.

We value individuality and we want every wedding to be unique. That is why we start with a blank canvas and individually design each wedding.

We have, however, a Prospectus which includes some pre-designed wedding packages that will provide inspiration about our beautiful venue, information about our service levels and an indication of pricing.

After reading this information, please let me know if you would like to visit Gabbinbar Homestead for an obligation-free personal estate tour. We would love to show you Gabbinbar Homestead and the surrounding estate as it is even more beautiful in person!

We sincerely wish you all the best with your wedding plans and look forward to being of further assistance to you.


At Gabbinbar Homestead, we pride ourselves on timely communication.

If you have any questions, please send an enquiry or browse our frequently asked questions below...

  • What are your maximum and minimum numbers?

    70 people minimum on all Saturdays except for January & February

    70 people minimum on all Fridays in April, May, September & October

    Other months throughout the year and on other days we do not have minimum numbers. In fact, we have hosted weddings with as few as 12 people!

    Our facilities are extensive and as a result we can cater for very large weddings. Please be in contact for details.

  • How do I book a wedding at Gabbinbar Homestead?

    Before you book a wedding at Gabbinbar Homestead we encourage you to Book a Tour of the Estate.   At the end of the tour we will sit down with you to discuss pricing that will suit your individual requirements. 

    You are then welcome to make an obligation-free tentative booking, which lasts for 7 days.  If you wish to confirm your booking, a deposit is required to secure the date.

  • Do you have a discount for mid-week weddings?


    In general, we offer a package discount of 15% on Mondays - Thursdays and a package discount of 5% on Fridays.

    To find out more, please book at tour.

  • Do you offer 'cocktail' style receptions?

    Yes! You are welcome to have a cocktail style reception at Gabbinbar Homestead.

    Our wedding planning team has lots of tips on how to ensure your guests get plenty of food, while still achieving that more relaxed and conversational cocktail style experience.

  • Can I just book Gabbinbar Homestead for my ceremony?

    At Gabbinbar Homestead, we offer exclusive use of the entire estate for the day of your wedding, so we do not normally allow ceremony-only bookings.

    People sometimes choose to not have their ceremony at Gabbinbar Homestead, i.e. get married in a church; however we do not charge any extra to have your ceremony at Gabbinbar Homestead as well.

  • What support do I get on my wedding day?

    We provide you with full support on the day of your wedding.

    The wedding planning team at Gabbinbar Homestead provides a pre-planning service prior to and on the day of your wedding to ensure the smooth running of the entire day. This includes recommending and coordinating of vendors, setting up your reception, setup and coordination of ceremony (if applicable), drinks and food timing.

  • Can I get ready on site at Gabbinbar Homestead?

    Yes! We have an exquisite and well-furnished Bride's Retreat available for you and your bridesmaids in which to get ready.

    The Bride's Retreat features fine furnishings including a Victorian-era chaise, full length mirror, salon-style makeup and hair consoles, French provincial furniture, iPod dock, perfume, chocolates, complimentary sparkling wine and a beautifully appointed ensuite with bath & shower.

    While you get ready, our wedding planning team will set up everything for your reception and ceremony - so you can relax with confidence.

  • Do we have to pack up at the end of the night?

    No. Definitely not!

    Our philosophy at Gabbinbar Homestead is that we want you to relax and enjoy your day. We pack up everything for you and store it on site for collection at a suitable time.

  • Can I bring my own decorations?

    Yes! At Gabbinbar Homestead we believe that individual decorations help make your wedding unique to you.

    We especially love real candles and our glass-roofed Conservatory has been designed to reflect candle light!

    Our wedding planning team will meet with you before your wedding to co-ordinate your decorations, so that on the day of your wedding you can relax while we set everything* up for you.

    * We are able to set up all the decorations for the majority of weddings; however if you have more decorations to set than our team can achieve on the day, we will provide a quote to offer further assistance.

  • How many wait staff do you provide at a wedding?

    Part of our famous "Gabbinbar Experience" is exceptional service.

    During peak times of service (i.e. at the start of your reception) we provide at least one waiter per 10 guests. This is 2 - 3 times above industry average and ensures that your guests will enjoy full tray service in the gardens and full table service once inside.

    During photos, you and your bridal party will enjoy full service from our waitstaff - wherever you are across our 25 acre estate.

  • Are you flexible with your menu?

    Yes! Our Executive Chef wants you to have an exceptional food experience. Our menu is extensive; however if you have specific requirements, we are prepared to do all we can in customising the menu for you.

    We offer full menu tastings where you can talk to our chef to modify your food.

  • Do you cater for special dietary requirements?

    Yes! We cater for all special dietary requirements. Our commitment is to make your guests with these special requirements feel appreciated and well cared for.

    To achieve this, our chefs will either modify your chosen menu to suit or individually prepare menu alternatives. There is no additional cost for this service.

    Much of our menu is gluten free and we maintain strict food isolation procedures to ensure safety for any guests with dietary requirements that have serious health considerations.

  • Do you offer menu tastings?

    Yes! Once you have booked at Gabbinbar Homestead we encourage you to take us up on our menu tasting offer.

    You and your friends/family can enjoy a lunch out tasting different items from our extensive menu. Our chef is available at these tastings to discuss your menu and at this point you are welcome to modify the food to suit your individual requirements.

  • Can we supply our own drinks?

    Yes! Gabbinbar Homestead is a fully licensed venue, however our commitment to flexibility and individuality means that we encourage and embrace the option for BYO drinks.

    Our drinks packages give you the option of BYO alcohol. You deliver your own alcoholic beverages to Gabbinbar Homestead before your Event and we serve them to your guests. We provide service staff and the equipment you need for drinks including coldroom, ice, bar equipment, fruit (such as lemon & lime), straws, display equipment and crystal glassware.

    To choose to BYO alcohol this must be pre-arranged with the wedding planning team and you must have one of our drinks packages running for the duration of your Event.

    Otherwise, you are welcome to use our licensed bar in a number of ways including a bar tab, drinks package or cash bar for your guests.

  • Are children allowed at Gabbinbar Homestead?

    Yes!Children are very welcome to attend weddings at Gabbinbar Homestead.

    We offer specially designed menus for children and can even set up a children's games room complete with a DVD player.

    Children will love exploring our extensive grounds and spotting some of the wildlife including our adorable wallabies.

  • Do you have air-conditioning and/or heating?

    Yes! The Conservatory, Ballroom and Bride's Retreat have reverse cycle air-conditioning.

    Our front sitting rooms have open fire places that are lit during winter months.

  • How much car parking do you have?

    We have over 150 car parks on site at Gabbinbar Homestead and guests are welcome to leave their cars overnight in the carpark if they choose to leave in a taxi.

  • Do you have disabled access?

    Yes! We have a ramp entry into the Homestead and once inside all the floors are on one level.

    There is also a separate disabled bathroom.

  • Do you have accommodation on site?

    Unfortunately we do not offer accommodation on site, however there are over 2,000 rooms mostly located within 10 minutes drive.

    We recommend contacting the Toowoomba Visitor Information Centre for accommodation enquiries and remember to ask them about private homes available for rent along Toowoomba's stunning escarpment.

    Taxis are readily available for pick-up and guests are welcome to leave cars overnight in our car park.

  • Where is Gabbinbar Homestead located?

    We are located adjacent to the escarpment on the Southern fringe of Queensland's garden city, Toowoomba.

    Toowoomba is a thriving regional city situated close to Brisbane (1.5 hours drive) with plenty of accommodation options.

    Gabbinbar Homestead hosts weddings from all over the world and is renowned for being one of Australia's leading destination wedding venues.

Terms & Conditions

Part of the famous "Gabbinbar Experience" is our flexibility; however, we still need some terms and conditions.

If any of these are a 'sticking-point' please let us know your concerns and we will consider a solution.

Download Terms & Conditions PDF