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New natural timber-top tables

Gabbinbar Homestead Staying On Top Of The Latest Wedding Trends

At Gabbinbar Homestead we always keep our fingers on the pulse when it comes to the latest wedding trends. One of the biggest wedding trends for 2017 is natural timber top banquet tables. We are pleased to announce that we have added these stunning natural timber top tables to our already impressive selection of reception tables available. At Gabbinbar Homestead we want every wedding to be individual and unique which is why we have made this considerable investment to provide an array of different table options. You can personalise and tailor your wedding to suit your style which is all part of ‘The Gabbinbar Experience’.

The natural timber top tables give a beautiful, earthy and organic feel to your wedding. The boho and rustic trends are very popular at the moment and our natural timber top tables will allow you to achieve this style. We recommend mixing different textures and materials to achieve an effortless look. It is easy to create a soft and textual vibe if you use the same colour palette but different textures to create depth. Imagine using a mix of raw materials such as pure linen napkins with rattan charger plates combined with the earthy tones of the timber top tables; finish the look with a simple floral arrangement in white and cream tones.

Long banquet style seating has a number of advantages. First of all, you can easily customise the number of tables to suit your guest list. Furthermore, if you are short on space or have a large guest list, long banquet style seating is the most economical when it comes to space. Plus, your table decorations really make an impact as they look seamless down the middle of the long tables.

At Gabbinbar Homestead you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting which table style you would like at your reception. In addition to our natural timber top tables, we have traditional round tables with floor length white linen which seat up to 10 people and also long banquet tables dressed with floor length white linen. Once you have made your table selection, it’s time to move onto selecting your chairs, we have beautiful white Tiffany chairs, natural timber ‘Cross Back’ chairs or high back vintage scroll chairs. The natural timber top tables combined with our ‘Cross Back’ timber chairs or the white Tiffany chair for contrast will be impressive combinations to say the least.


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